Leonne Theodore-John has resigned as Speaker of the Saint Lucia House of Assembly, after nearly two years in the position.

Theodore-John told St Lucia Times that she offered her resignation as Speaker effective March 1, 2018.

The Attorney at Law by profession disclosed that she is hoping to take up a diplomatic posting as Minister Counsellor at Saint Lucia’s High Commission in London.

‘I need to say that it is not a post created for me – it is a post that has been in existence and was last filled by Mr. (Albert) Fregis during the last labour party administration and since the UWP administration came into office in 2016, the post has not been filled,’ she told St Lucia Times.

Theodore-John is expected to take up her new position before the end of March.

She was elected Speaker of the House of Assembly in Saint Lucia on 12th July 2016 following the General Elections of 6th June 2016 under the United Workers Party led Administration.

Theodore-John previously served as President of the Senate of Saint Lucia from April 2010 to December 2011.

Speculation had been rife for some time that she may have been dismissed or pressured to resign from her post due to her approach to House matters and members.


  1. In spite of she still obtained a position under this Government. Who would not want her to step up in life with the type of intentions she has for her future. I would definitely take up this post instead of SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE. Fregis did enjoyed it even put on some good pounds. Happiness

  2. i am sad to see her leave but if the deal is right Madame speaker then take it and relax. No one cares anymore about professionalism or doing your job right or correcting people when they are out of order…

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