Opposition candidate for Castries South, Mary Isaac, has told Faux A Chaux youth that upon winning the seat, she will be coming with a bag to collect guns.

“When I first spoke to the youth in Faux A Chaux, the first meeting I had, I told them one of the problems we have is so many guns and I told them when I win the election I am going to come to them with my bag and I am going to collect the guns myself,” Isaac said.

The former President of the Saint Lucia Civil Service Association said:

“I am telling you the people of Saint Lucia that every candidate in every constituency is going to have to do the same. We are coming for the guns you have, because you are using them to kill each other.”

Isaac said the guns need to be put away.

“I call upon you please not to take law into own hands. You may be angry, but two wrongs do not make a right,” Isaac sated.

She declared that Saint Lucia is a country in despair – ready to burst at the seams.

Isaac observed that the funeral of a twenty-two year old, Yan Lewis, was about to take place the following day.

Lewis was gunned down by three masked men while he was with some friends at Ciceron.

Isaac recalled that the deceased was a very jovial young man.

“He is a victim of a vicious crime, although some of us know that he too may have been the perpetrator of other crimes,” Isaac observed.

She asserted that Lewis may well have been a victim of crime and a victim of the system.

“When we fail our young people, this is what happens,” the former CSA President told a crowd of opposition supporters on the William Peter Boulevard last night.

She asserted that while one person was shot, there are three people who may have well been victims themselves – a reference to the alleged perpetrators.

Isaac recounted that she had seen on Facebook, other people who have vowed to avenge the death of Lewis, thereby continuing the chain of crime.

“I know you think if you turn over those guns to the police, they will end up back on our streets and in our homes so that is why we are going to come for them ourselves,” she said, adding: “I know you trust us and will give them to us.”

Isaac said the guns will be returned to their country of manufacture.


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