The Senior Communications Officer in the Office of the Prime Minister, Nicole Mc Donald,  has said that the  government of Saint Lucia was taken aback by recent comments from Saint Lucia Teachers Union (SLTU) President, Julian Monrose and has accused him of attempting to sow discord.

Monrose this week indicated that, among other things, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet  sought to  ridicule the  professional qualifications of teachers, by indicating  recently that the problem with the education system is that teachers are not sufficiently qualified.

‘I want to state categorically that the Prime Minister in no way by his  comments in pointing out a deficiency in our education system, meant to ridicule teachers as Mr. Monrose has decided to state,’ Nicole Mc Donald asserted.

She expressed the view that the comments from the SLTU President were mischievious.

‘He is definitely trying to create some kind of discord by the way he interpreted the statements,’ Mc Donald said.

She asserted that there are issues with the local education system as all Saint Lucians are aware.

‘We know that the issues with our education system are multi-faceted and involve not just our teachers, they involve the actual physical structure of our schools, the learning environment and the curriculum,’ the Senior Communications Officer observed.

She said that the government continues to be devoted to reviewing, revamping and restructuring the education system.

‘This entails what we have said from the beginning, formulating a new curriculum – a new way forward, changing the way our students learn and also working with our teachers in terms of training opportunities and we must recognise a deficiency,’ Mc Donald remarked.

‘We have all seen the statistics in terms of the pass rate of our students going down, especially when it comes to  our male students. These are things that our teachers and the government  have to pay attention to,’ she told reporters.

Mc Donald observed that the problems cannot be addressed if people hide, shy away from them, or take offence.

‘We have to work on all these problems that are the root causes of some of the things that we are experiencing in our country today, including the crime situation,’  she explained.

Mc Donald asserted that education is one of the core areas which, if not addressed, can contribute to the increase in crime.

She said Prime Minister Chastanet’s comments regarding education were very clear in pointing out  the deficiencies of the teaching system overall.

Mc Donald said Chastanet has always spoken ‘glowingly’ about ‘our teachers’ .

She declared that Chastanet has also spoken up on behalf of teachers in terms of the salaries that they receive and their working conditions.

Mc Donald recalled that ‘from the beginning’ the Allen Chastanet administration has always lamented over the state of schools in Saint Lucia.

She said the government has already committed to fixing several  schools around the Island, although not having a new curriculum.

The Senior Communications Officer disclosed that in 2017, the government spent over one million dollars to fix some learning institutions.


  1. The UWP administration spent $1 Million on school repairs but $15 Million on the budget prepared by outside agent accounting firm. From 1951 the budget has been done by government technocrats. Why did you waste $15 Million that could have gone to school repairs?

    • New Testament Verse of the Day:
      “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock.”

      – Matthew 7: 24

  2. Very right, Lucia Man. And they allowed Sandals to withhold $25 million of our taxes. That’s $40 million in one year. Think of what a quarter of tthat can do for school repairs.

  3. Can the Senior Communications Director publish the salary and perks she gets for making a statement once every few months and compare it to that of a teacher who must educate our nation’s children?

  4. We could add to that the million Guy spent on the St. Jude’s hospital audit which has not been released to the public. Only one million spent on school so far and you Nichole thinks that’s adequate since I haven’t seen one iota if evidence to the contrary After listing all the shortcomings and needs in your above statement. All the monies spent as stated by others above could have gone a long way to help alleviate some of the more pertinent issues we face presently in our school system.

    • Elections are due by 2021 so you can exercise your democratic rights in the ballot box. The power of the ti-croix.

    How do you reproduce this in different words?
    One’s perspective will determine.

  6. Isn’t it a fact this idiot allowed the schools to be a hazard for our teachers and students under the SLP and did nothing now he wants to open his big mouth? Now is not 20 years ago and i don’t thing he and his supporting teachers knows that.

    • Ohhhh Kelba, you are regular blogger but never once have you been able to contribute to the real issue and in this case it is whether we can let our schools continue in their current condition. Great that you can hide your true identity, otherwise even you would run away from you. Why? You too much an idiot and cannot stick to issues. Now please tie your fingers or cut them off.

  7. About time the government shut them schools.we have to many schools on this small island. Let the teachers go find a real job in a hotel

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