allan lenny louisy
allan lenny louisy

The mother of one of the five men killed by the police during an operation in May, 2011, has welcomed the verdict of unlawful killing in the death of her son, Allan Lenny Louisy.

The mother has rejected suggestions that Louisy was a criminal.

She said she could not speak on behalf of anyone else.

The woman, who wanted her identity protected, spoke after a Coroner’s Inquest delivered a verdict of unlawful killing in the death of Louisy and two others.

Death by misadventure and an open verdict were delivered in the case of the two others of the so-called “Vieux Fort Five”.

Louisy’s mother said she knew that there would be a verdict of unlawful killing in the case of her son.

“Words cannot explain the loss of that boy, no words. I was expecting that; it was no shock for me. I only missed just two sessions because of my work but otherwise we attended every single one. I have faith in God who neither slumbers nor sleeps. He said vengeance is mine, I will repay and is word is quicker than any two-edged sword and I know that he is in control and I know that would happen,” the mother declared.

She asserted that people can say what they want, but she raised her son in a Christian home since she has for a long time been a follower of the Faith Baptist church.

The mother said she would never encourage her son in criminal activity.

She recalled that after the decision of the court, one of the police officers got angry.

The mother quoted the officer as saying: ”You all are criminals!”

But she told reporters:

“You have to be careful; you don’t just judge people; you don’t say things like that.”

In addition to Allan Lenny Louisy, Jn Baptiste Mc Farlane, Mitchel Cadette, Myron  Dupal and Kevin Ferdinand, were shot dead by the police at Vieux Fort.

The shootings took place during the controversial police campaign against crime dubbed – Operation Restore Confidence.

Some twelve persons were killed by local law enforcers during the campaign, amid allegations that the police had a hit list.