A multiple-vehicle collision occurred at Dennery Sunday afternoon, law enforcement officials have confirmed.

However, details regarding the cause are sketchy.

The reason for collision, which is said to have involved four vehicles, is currently under investigation.

St Lucia Times was informed that although at least one of the vehicles involved was extensively damaged, no one was seriously injured as a result of the accident which occurred around 1.pm.


  1. These vehicular accidents are happening too frequently. Many of the times human error is involved. Motorists should stay steadfastly focused while driving, be easy on the accelerator and service your vehicle at the due date. The life you save might just be your own.

    • New Testament Verse of the Day:
      They were completely amazed and said again and again, “Everything he does is wonderful. He even makes the deaf to hear and gives speech to those who cannot speak.”

      –Mark 7:37

  2. Idiots do idiotic things .no vehicle ever go to hospital …no vehicle ever feels pain …no vehicle ever said to their driver you driving me too fast…the roads can’t be blamed cause the roads can’t go anywhere .so who’s to blame ? Idiots.

    • Mr. Fox, why are you do overly critical? Just remember that the family and friends are presently hurting badly. Stop being so uncouth and insensitive. People err because to err is human. All of us have fallen short of being perfect. Referring to the deceased as idiots changes nothing. Totally unhelpful!

  3. Many times this can be avoided. Too many drivers chatting, talking, texting, and answering answering their damn cell their phones. There is a need for stringent laws to be enacted, to curb this practice. To police need to start charging motorist, let them pay a fine, many accident are due to this practice. U cannot concentrate on driving and being on the phone at the same time, don’t work.

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