The new Chairperson of the Saint Lucia Tourist Board (SLTB), Agnes Francis, has said that the government has set her and her new board a daunting task.

But Francis, a former Director of Tourism and the first female to hold that post, has declared that they are up to the task.

She is also the first female Chairperson of the SLTB.

Addressing a news conference this morning, she expressed confidence that the new board will be able to   establish a platform for tourism to spur development in Saint Lucia.

“The board members as you see have the knowledge, they have the experience and the expertise in all spheres of tourism and there is commitment, “Francis asserted.

Echoing Tourism Minister, Dominic Feede who spoke earlier, she spoke of the need to look at streamlining of the marketing of tourism so that it is more in keeping with what the global industry is looking for.

Francis stated that there was need to take a closer look the new technology that spurs how marketing is handled.

She observed that Saint Lucia has focused a lot on the weddings and honeymoon market which is good, because it gives the Island a strong platform.

However the new Chairperson noted that there are other niches that the country needs need to look at as well so that the reach in terms of its brand is much broader.

“We need to look at other things like the cruise sector, the yachting sector – we need to take ownership of it so that we ensure that it develops and supports the overall economic agenda of the new administration,” Francis asserted.

She also mentioned the heritage, culinary and sports sectors.

According to Francis, the biggest task which the new board will have to undertake is looking at a new structure for government involvement and institutional support for the tourism sector.

The names of the SLTB Board of Directors for 2016 – 2018 are:

1.       Mrs. Agnes Francis (Chairperson)
2.       Mr. Leathon Khan (Deputy Chairperson)
3.       Ms. Carmelita Xavier
4.       Mr. Sanovnick Destang
5.       Mr. Celestin Laurent
6.       Mr. Mark Maraj
7.       Mr. Winston Anderson
8.       Ms. Erwin Louisy
9.       Mr. Mark Adams
10.   Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism
11.   Mr. Louis Lewis