Press Release:-   The Saint Lucia National Youth Council is dissatisfied with the level of attention given to special needs education in Saint Lucia. Particularly, we are gravely concerned by the myriad of issues burdening staff and students of the Special Education Centre in Vieux-Fort.

The institution, established in November 1991 has provided special needs assistance for southern students for twenty-six (26) years. Hence, it is unfortunate that in addition to basic program support, the school continues to deal with longstanding structural issues.

To date, the NYC is aware of several challenges faced by the Centre. These include termite infestation, lack of proper and adequate equipment to administer the curriculum and insufficient space to comfortably accommodate students, among others. Additionally, flooding following heavy rainfall continues to cripple their agricultural program, render the playground unusable and further contributes to the deterioration of the wooden structure.

The NYC believes that special needs education must remain forefront in the enhancement of our country’s education sector. This requires the introduction of specialized training for all staff employed at these institutions, a revamp of our country’s special needs program and infrastructure.

As Education Ministers prepare to convene this month at the 20th Commonwealth Conference for Education Ministers under the theme “Sustainability and Resilience: Can Education Deliver?”, we hope to see a renewed impetus to create an inclusive education sector.

The Vieux-Fort Special Education Centre is the longest serving special needs school on island and has among other institutions, developed youth who have gone on to make vital contributions to our society.


  1. I am pleased to see the NYC in 2018 extending its reach to particular issues, such as the one highlighted here. NYC’s voice must be heard loud and clear on all issues without reservation. Don’t wait for media personnel to come to you to make a comment; select the subject that relates to your mandate, particularly those that demand urgent attention from the powers that be or the community at large, and let all and sundry know your stance. At the same time, wherever and whenever the NYC on its own is able to make an intervention, do not fail to do so.

  2. I do not know why these NGOs don’t communicate with the authority about such important before going to the media. Is it a case of them wanting the public to know they are working? For me it does make sense. Don’t get caught in the negativity NYC. Be professional at all times.

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