Parking terminals should be in place in the City of Castries early next year, the Office of Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis has announced.

In a statement to St Lucia Times, the Mayor’s Office disclosed that the revised time period for the installation of the terminals is due to a delay in obtaining the devices.

Initially, it was expected that the terminals would have been installed by this month end.

The statement said the devices are currently in the United Kingdom waiting to be shipped to Saint Lucia.

It said the Mayor’s Office wants to ‘adequately educate’ persons about the use of the devices.

“In essence, the massive education drive will be held in the coming weeks,” the Press and Communications Manager at the Mayor’s Office, Jason Hullingseed, told St Lucia Times.

He revealed that this will include town hall meetings and appearances by representatives of the Mayor’s Office on various talk shows.

Hullingseed said persons are also invited to visit the Castries Constituency Council (CCC) website at,  where there is information on the soon to be introduced parking meters.

According to the website, the new parking terminals are made by British manufacturer, METRIC Group Ltd and are solar powered.

“They accept both coin and banknotes and have a colour user interface screen for easy instructions. The  deploying of solar powered terminals by the Castries Constituency Council  is in keeping with the island’s energy transition strategy in becoming renewable energy dependent,” the website observed.

It  gives the launch date for the terminals as January 1, 2018, explains how they will function and provides a payment schedule.


  1. Good steps towards orderly development. We the people must recognize progress and not let political negativity cloud our judgement. More of our electorate need to be nonpartisan and be willing to say it as it is in an honest way.

    • So when will he stop all the disorderly vending. And the businesses and noise and other issues that affect quality of life of the people living in the city. He won’t because it brings no money to them. Another money grab. Another tax while quality of life does not improve.

  2. I hope Peterson Francis can give some training and advise to the mayor of Gros Islet if there is one . That community is in need of some urgent attention but that so called mayor is missing in action

  3. Get some proper road markings as well. Paint over all the dull lines yourl) have all over the country. If an experienced driver can’t see it how do yourll expect new drivers and learners to see it!!!

  4. Mr mayor for this to work well an investment must be made in CCTV cameras all over to catch the criminal elements including those who will steal from the parking meters. Believe me these cameras will pay for themselves

  5. So why not issue tickets for the illegality and have the money go to the city. The city could make tens of thousands of dollars daily. This seem like a shakedown of hard working people. If you work in the city you must find $24 a day to park. That’s a $480 tax coming off your salary monthly. The alternative is to take bus and be faced with terrible service. So employees will now ask for raises and the cost of goods will increase. Are those morons in authority actually thinking? Peterson you’re making the right noises and your heart is in the right place but you’re implementing things like a hee-hor.

  6. The thieves are already walking around with their empty pouches saying, ” let a fool install a cash meter around town”…lol

  7. How about you fix all the traffic lights in Castries and find ways to actually enforce traffic laws before you think about wasting money on parking meters. Of all things. Try making sure unlicensed and uninsured idiots are off the road first. Try getting cars that are unroadworthy off the road. Try getting the police to do their jobs instead of swaggering around while doing and accomplishing nothing. Try doing YOUR actual job. St Lucia is getting worse every year but as usual the people whose job it is to fix that prefer to focus on insignificant non-issues and distract everyone from the real issues. Focus on infrastructure and making sure St Lucia is PROGRESSING and not REGRESSING. Because in the long term nothing is going to come of this without real change where it is actually needed. You have young people who are dying to give back to a country which gives nothing to them in the first place. Why don’t you fix that first? So many REAL issues… just pick one. For the love of God.

    • One can never please a Lucian. Them are criticize everything. So Francis, you are the boss just do your ting.

  8. Is this well thought out. Protection against vandalism. Already we have so much lawlessness and no police resources to adequately patrol the city. This a risky project.

    Anyway what about CCTV cameras? That is a greater anti crime priority. All the nonfunctional cameras around the city. Get that organized first rather than running behind every new idea.

  9. I’m all in for it. So many times u cannot get parking to just run to the ATM or post office simple and things that don’t take time. While you’re at it. Let’s mark the roads cause when its raining heavy you ain’t seeing . And the traffic lights let’s get that in order too.

  10. All of you who have all the “brilliant” ideas, how are them to be finance, when we are not willing to spend one extra dollar to see them happen. I’m appalled that we are finding fault with the institution of these parking metres. Come on people this is not a retrograde move, never!
    And what about it not being properly thought of. How do we know that all what you preaching will happen have not been thought if and prepared for. We are created issues all by ourselves, sitting in our homes, and attempting to demonize others for not attending to it. What a waste of “intelligence.”
    Wouldn’t it be better that we use all our “brilliance” to offer solutions than to conceive everything that could go wrong with a project, and when we can’t think of nothing else, begin to “create” some?
    Wow! What a generation of nay sayers we are? I believe with this mindset, we also would have crucified Jesus Christ for doing good, if He was living among us, today.

    • Police walking around and issuing tickets costs nothing. In fact it will give those lazy useless cops some exercise and reduce the medical burden on the country. Parking meters is costly to implement AND maintain. Somehow you people always forget about the maintenance cost of things in this country. If you don’t maintain things, they break. If they break and don’t fulfill their function it is a waste.

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  13. I welcome the Parking Machines, it was time. It’s so difficult to get a parking in town to just run to the banks.
    If we say we developing our country let’s put thing in place not only with words but more actions, you travel around the world and you pay for parking on the streets and malls, we can do it too……..
    Next step is Cameras in place for those drivers and criminals on the road and around the place.
    Let’s take back our country , the government can’t do it alone we all have to play our part.

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