Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, has announced that he intends to make ‘amendments’ to his current cabinet of ministers.

His disclosure follows reports that he intends to hand his public service portfolio to a new minister.

In addition to bring Prime Minister, Chastanet is currently Minister for Finance, Economic Growth, Job Creation, External Affairs and the Public Service.

Asked by St Lucia Times during  a question and answer session with reporters Tuesday whether there was any truth to the reports, the Prime Minister said he has continued to indicate that he is going to make some amendments to his cabinet.

‘There are no wholesale changes here. There are some ministries that we found there was not the synergy that we needed, so for instance in the area of energy , maintenance of our schools and also in terms of  my own ministry, public service is coming on as a huge project. So I will make those announcements in due time,’ he stated.

‘This is not that I am dissatisfied with anybody’s performance – I am not cutting anybody from my cabinet. I have made that very, very clear,’ Chastanet explained.

He asserted that it was merely a ‘realignment’ to strengthen the execution of the government’s work programme.

The Prime Minister said he has no time line in mind.

‘It is something that we will be doing, hopefully soon,’ he remarked.

Chastanet observed that the budget is coming up in March.

‘I think that is a pretty good time line to assume that some announcements will be made,’ he said.


  1. If you call this a failure, your boys oversaw an apocalyptic catastrophe. Thanks skydaddy, they are now history..

  2. Why so many of these Caribbean leaders assume the post of Minister of Finance? Many of them lack the requisite expertise is this most critical position. I think the Minister of Finance should not be burdened with any more portfolios. This ministry is so important and can become so demanding and overwhelming, that the said minister needs no other distraction. I really hope that the changes would pay dividends for the country.

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