The police station in Vieux Fort, where Sahab Jamshidi spent six days in a holding cell before he was officially charged in the drowning death of four-year-old TJ Elibox.

Officers at the Vieux Fort Police station yesterday foiled a suicide attempt by a young prisoner.

According to reliable information reaching the Times, the incident occurred shortly after 4: pm.

The young man had been arrested for burglary and had been in his cell for a few hours.

He is reported to have been wearing a short trousers – the type of which has a short cord that is used to secure the waist of the garment.

It is reported that the youth, said to be in his twenties, took out the short cord, tied it to the prison bars and secured the other end to his neck in the suicide bid.

Police officers, who usually make hourly checks on their prisoners, happened to do so earlier, it is reported.

The lawmen found the young prisoner hanging from the cord, took him down and immediately began administering CPR.

The fire service, which was summoned, conveyed the youngster to hospital.

He is back in police custody under round the clock watch.

The Times has been informed that it was the second such suicide attempt at the Vieux Fort police station, foiled as a result of the vigilance of officers there.

One source explained that some persons who are arrested by the police for criminal offences may at times lose their sense of reason and consider suicide as an option.

The young prisoner in question is reported to have indicated that a sense of frustration because of always seeming to be in trouble with the law, drove him to try to take his own life.

Some three years ago, the lifeless body of 22 year old Chakadan Daniel of Micoud was found dead in a cell at the Micoud police station.

Police said he had been found hanging from his cell after having been arrested two days prior for escaping lawful custody, assaulting a police officer and damaging property.

An inquest into Daniel’s death found that he had been unlawfully killed.


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