Saint Lucia police have issued a warning to owners of flatbed trailers parked along the  Millennium Highway, the Allan Bousquet Highway, Bananes Bay and Hospital Road to remove the trailers.

The warning follows a complaint Wednesday from Prime Minister, Allen Chastanet, as he addressed the annual general meeting of the Police Welfare Association (PWA).

Asserting that there should be no exceptions when it comes to enforcing the law, Chastanet said he  was given assurances that  the flatbed trucks at Bananes and Faux A Chaux would  be gone by  January, but had not been removed.

‘This is what must change  – and I want to build a police force that when we have a law, we know that it is going to be enforced,’ he told police officers.

The  public notice issued Friday by the Royal Police Force (RSLPF) observed that it is an offence to improperly park a trailer.

It said failure to comply will result in detention of any trailer parked along the named routes at the expense of the owner, in keeping with the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Chapter 8.01 of 2013. 

We solicit your continued cooperation in creating safer road conditions for commuters,’ the public notice said.



  1. Asiaye, so it had to take a PM to come tell the police to act in accordance with the laws. Y are we even paying those guys???

    • I know right. Saint Lucian police just get lazy and their excuse is the IMPACS drama. We fail to realize that if we must progress as a country we must start enforcing minor laws. These basic laws will help push st.lucia very far. Next step…these trailers need proper lights, tires and mirrors.

    • To sit on their behinds and do nothing. That’s the Royal St. Lucia Police Farce for you. Kinda shows the rot starts at the top.

  2. You chastanet i hope u no we are not pigs in st.lucia what are u doing for us before you enforce the law….ignorant police officers we got here in st.lucia why not look for help for the police officers as well look around you prime minister of st.lucia we are frustrated with your business plan we watching you we going to stop your stupidness help us st.lucians thats why we voted for you u can never win an election here again only in your dreams….everyone does make mistakes and we the people of st.lucia can mever do that mistake to vote for you again we fed up of government coming and taking all they can take and left us to suffer what are you doing for our children chasanent cant you hear our cries one sel alone thats happy can you imagine i voted that greedy slime father help my dear country government is destroying us our youths are getting demonic because they always seeing mummy crying things hard and daddy bowling no work and if they do get work bills takes all people of st.lucia lets fight for our country we put chasanet there we could and we can as one people take out this business man chasanet in power we need to make a change for ourselves cause the gorvernment only put a change in their pocket are you blind there is no change in the country or for the country they dont even let us no wats going on they dont hear our voices because they in power but we gave them the power lets take it back st.lucians lets set an example………

    • short comments pls…no one have time to read that commess. try making your point without sounding bitter and miserable.

  3. Addind to this enforce all aspects of the law. Driving speed limit, drinking and driving , greater police presence after hours.

  4. Well Mr pm my take is those flat beds can prevent any vehicle from entering the sea .
    Put up some railings or is it more road fatalities you want ,fix the country ijs

  5. I was time. These trailer pose such deadly hazard. Yes enforce the small laws. That how criminals are created. Next stop must be an island wide crackdown on all these small shops commonly referred to as ghettos. This is where most young men sit whole day thinking of the next great get rich scheme which is almost always criminal in nature. They don’t look for a job, they don’t go to school because because they have friends right in the community with the added benefit of not rules or regulations unlike schools, they harass your daughters when she is trying to make something of herself. Not that there aren’t young women there too, most of them with children, exposing their young impressionable kids to all manner of evil. And the loud vulgar music, language and attitude on display is appalling to say the least. Underage drinking and smoking is rampant and accepted these setups. Do like Sir John did in the late eighties/early nineties and give the SSU the mandate to ride the nation of these cesspools of rot, death, destruction and degradation. Something must be done and quickly before it is becomes even worse!

  6. Not only in St. Lucia
    Throughout the Caribbean and maybe other parts of the world, the authorities have gone soft on law breakers. Probably this is some sign of ” the last days” , in a change from good to whatever or something.
    But Laws on the statue books are being ignored. Part of the problem is that people such as Politicians believe that they and their friends and associates are above the Law and they pull strings to get their friends off. When this happens , everything breaks down…………..And a lot of this happens. They need to copy what happens in the states—–they like to copy the bad things———– Copy they way the USA takes to Court and locks up anybody that breaks the Law . : POLITICIANS; ACTORS ; THE HIGH AND MIGHTY : Wesley Snipes; Martha Stewart; Anthony Weiner;

    High Profile persons are not spared
    You cant try that in the Caribbean
    There must be a level playing field. The LAW is for all not some and not the others. Law breaking is Law breaking whether it is a Politician , Laywer , Doctor or their family members.
    Thats the Problem right there. Dah is it dere !

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