Police officers  attending a promotion ceremony Friday afternoon at Derek Walcott Square were urged to earn the respect of members of the public.

Addressing the gathering, Acting Police Commissioner Milton Desir noted that the power of the police to fulfill their duties is dependent on public approval of their existence, actions and behaviour.

Desir spoke of the need for officers to maintain public respect.

“There is a common saying that respect should be earned and not demanded,” he observed, adding that police officers get away with the fact that naturally people show respect to law enforcers by virtue of their ‘command’.

But he told the gathering that over the years the level of respect has been questioned through several complaints.

Desir said despite the situation, the onus is on members of the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF) to earn a high level of respect and regard from the people they serve.

“We can do this by demonstrating the values of high integrity, efficiency, proper conduct, effective communication and reliability,” the Acting Police Commissioner asserted.

He said those police officers who had received promotions were being rewarded for the excellent execution of their duties which has produced ‘extraordinary results.’

Desir explained that there were limited promotions and only some of the RSLPF’s ‘stars’ received promotions this time around.

“However we want you to note that there are lots of other upcoming stars  amidst us and your opportunity will come at some point to be recognised through promotions,” the Acting Police Chief stated.

He urged officers in the meantime to continue doing their jobs to a very high standard, thereby improving on the performance of the force as a whole.

Desir noted that there will be challenges.

But the Acting Police Commissioner urged his officers to continue persevering to get the job done.

The gathering at the promotions ceremony included senior officers and National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis.


  1. Tell me how can they earn respect from the public when they’re in every little rum shops and bars drinking with them in uniform.?

    • I think the name should read the royal st.lucia police service after all isn’t that what they should be doing …….serving the public? When we say force it denotes aggression which is exactly what they’re demonstrating……

      • They already have a revised name. The Royal St. Lucia Police Farce. This is a joke of a police service.

  2. One very simple test to every action is to ask are you treating this person the way I would want to be treated.

  3. We should consider shifting from the might of our military to communication and from the strength of our enforcement divisions to self-examination. To honor TRUTH in all beings (individual freewill sovereignty) and respect the process of might and strength in MERCY (self-government).

  4. People can say what they want, but we cannot do without the police. If we did not have these so-called corrupt and incompetent police, we would be in (Word deleted) street ! By the way, is it fair to lump ALL of the police officers in the same group? Are we being fair ?

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