Marigot Police are investigating an alleged attack on a visitor from Britain.

Yasmin Gideon Albert from London told Choice Television that she and a group of friends went into an establishment at Marigot called – the Great View.

great-viewAlbert said as she was about to take a photograph of Marigot Bay, a woman ran out and attacked her.

“She punched me in my chest and started to rip my clothing,” the British visitor stated.

Albert said apparently there was a sign at the establishment that she did not observe.

The sign indicated that visitors had to pay for taking photos.

“I was not expecting to be attacked- I was expecting her to welcome me,” Albert declared.

A member of her party, Anthony Cyril Paul, said he was disgusted by the incident.

He noted that the alleged assailant claimed that the establishment has CCTV footage of the incident, which they welcomed.

But Paul indicated that they did not get a chance to see it.

“The first thing she said was that she had CCTV. The police went with her to look at the film, but up to now we can’t see the film because that would have killed everything from there because we would have seen what happened,” Paul asserted.

He disclosed that the group was here on vacation.

“We are bringing some of our friends from London, because me and my lovely wife got married three days ago at Coconut Bay,” Paul explained.

He said the group was on its way to Soufriere.

The visitor started to comment about the local police but stopped short.

Paul said:

“I am not going to say anything more because I have to get off the Island.”

Marigot resident – J.J, who operates a hotel and bar in the community described the incident as ridiculous.

Noting the importance of tourism to Saint Lucia, J.J asserted that regardless of the colour of the visitor, they are supposed to be welcomed, not kicked out.

Regarding the Great View, he said the first thing someone would want to do when they enter such an establishment is to say “wow”, and then take a photograph.

“Let the people relax, take their picture and then they spend their money,” J.J declared.

He recalled having spoken to the Great View establishment about charging people for taking photos.

“You have to stop this,” J.J said.

The British visitors said the woman who attacked them lied to the Police, saying that the group had attacked her

One of the visitors, who is actually Saint Lucia-born, has said that she will not stop at Marigot again when visiting this country and would advise others to do the same.