PRESS RELEASE: Castries, Saint Lucia, June 25, 2018 – The Department of Infrastructure is once again appealing to property owners around the island, to cut or trim hedges and fruit trees on their lands which encroach on public roads, or face liability for damages to vehicles and injury to commuters.

Under the laws of Saint Lucia, particularly the Works and Roads Act: Cap 8.05 and the Land Registration Act: Cap 5.01, land owners and solely responsible for damages caused by falling fruit or overhanging branches from encroaching trees.

Chief Engineer Mr. Albert Jn. Baptiste is issuing a clarion call to property owners to do the right thing and fulfill their responsibility as prescribed in law. He says failure to comply may result in serious liability, particularly at this time of year when fruit trees are producing and the hurricane season rages on.

Landowners are further advised that upon receiving written notice from the authorities to remove or remedy any encroachments, failure to act within three days is an offence punishable under law.


  1. Are the land owners also responsible for keeping the road sides around the island clean that when u drive you can’t tell the deffrience between the road from the drains causing unnecessary accidents as a result of the road being narrow….smh

  2. It was Time .Too Many Mango trees in the Cabishe /Babonneau area .The Land owners Refuse to pay a fee to cut them down . If you take a drive ariund the Country you will be Surprise to see the amount of overhanging Trees over the Roads

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