Relatives of Saint Lucia’s latest murder victim have told St Lucia Times that Antonia Mc Vane was an innocent victim of a drive by shooting.

The relatives asserted that the deceased was killed because of someone he was close to.

Mc Vane,16, was gunned down in Bagatelle, Castries, where he lived in the early hours of Saturday morning.

Stray bullets hit a parked vehicle.

The  sister of the slain teenager, Kurline, told St Lucia Times she was surprised that Mc Vane was killed.

“I love him despite all his troublsomeness,” she said

The sister had a message for the person or persons responsible for Mc Vane’s death.

Sister of deceased

“I think they should stop taking innocent lives, really because look – I lose my little brother,” she told St Lucia Times.

Antonia Smith, the mother of the deceased, said she heard that her son was killed in a drive-by shooting.

Antonia Smith

“The person they wanted was close to him and is he they shoot,” an emotional Smith stated.

“He didn’t deserve it, because my child was a loving boy – he working hard. At the age of sixteen. I just want my son back,” she declared.

She expressed the hope that the shooter would have difficulty sleeping.

“All I want the police and them to do is to get that person so that I can watch them face to face in their eye – to see they take an innocent child life like that. He didn’t deserve that at all,” Smith said, while struggling to maintain composure.

She told St Lucia Times that the deceased was ‘ a little troublesome’.

“But apart from that, anybody would ask him to do anything, he would do it,” Smith observed.

“Right now, it not easy for me – as a mother it not easy for me. All I want is my son back,” she cried.

She said Mc Vane was in no trouble with anyone.

Smith said she last saw the deceased on Friday night.

She disclosed that the death was a major blow to the family.

She said Mc Vane was employed by a local security company washing vehicles.

“Just for him to be out of trouble I got a job for him,” she explained.

Zana, a resident of the Bagatelle community where Saturday’s fatal shooting occurred, told St Lucia Times that the entire neighbourhood was hurting because an innocent life had been cut short.

“It could have been my children, because I am a mother also – and I can tell you, it is hurting us,” she said.

She said the mother of the deceased is pregnant.

“We are there with her as a family,” Zana stated.

“Stop it. If you after somebody, go after somebody. You don’t take innocent lives. It could have been me,”  the Bagatelle resident declared.

Residents of the community comfort each other



  1. Dear Lord
    Help us to acknowledge our wrong doing.I beg you father that you give us the desire to do only good things and help us to realise that Satan is the mastermind behind the scene.

    • Stop blaming Satan for the wrongdoings of mankind. The devil has never done anything to anyone. It’s a man’s own mind, not the devil, his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways. All wrongdoings arise because of mind. Blaming Satan for one’s is religious nonsense. Every person should take responsibility for his/her action. Sincerest sympathy to the family of the victim.

      • Aa my dear if Satan wasn’t existing the world wide b perfect…as usual religious nonsense? Hmmm…if we had gotten a dose of hurricane Irma u wuda see how religiously nonsensical it wud b watching u on ur knees begging for hope and mercy..,.it’s time url people have respect for God whether u believe or not….if u know all the evil Satan have knocking at ur door and God protected u from them u wudnt b Talking so…. choops tun

      • Hello he is real and only God can do something about him ok…there is nothing good in him…wat u trying n say? Choops tun….we can comment all we want…

      • Lucians Unfortunately, will never have the mental capacety to look beyond the fairy tales they have been brainwashed in.

    • New Testament Verse of the Day:

      But Jesus spoke to them at once. “Don’t be afraid,” he said. “Take courage. I am here!”

      – Matthew 14: 27

  2. Yeah right! They are always innocent after been shot. When they are troublemakers disturbing the neighbourhood. One by one y’all will be discarded like bags of rotten eggs.

  3. Oh Lord…please help us..again it seems like there is no end in sight..mercy on the people in St lucia..Rip young man..may God give the family members strength

  4. Condolences to the family! But I also can’t seem to understand what a 16 year old was doing out @ 1 am in the morning as a mother of a 17 year old son I just can’t rap my head around it. Correct me if I am wrong

  5. When I first saw him the first thing I ask what were you doing out on the streets at that time Good looking young man just go to waste I felt for his mom it made My Belly hurt but again show me your friends and I will tell you who you are such is life rest in perfect peace

  6. The Sister said that He got Killed Because of his ftiend give the police his Friend’s name so that the Friend will give the police information to work with
    If was a police Shooting you would give the pokice officer Name .give the name of his friend .You all like to give too much information to the press why you didn’t keep that a secret and call a Gazetted officer at police Head Quarters and give him.that information

  7. Sad. Crime in St Lucia is evolving. Where did all these guns come from? Do the authorities have ANY PLANS to get the guns off the streets? The last I heard is that there will be after school programs for the youth. That’s fine. That MAY help curb the future crime problems but what’s about now? 41 murders how many have been arrested in connects to these murders? Government ministers let’s pretend it’s an election year. Say something. At this point I will accept a lie. Lie to us and say we have a plan and it will be under control. Just say something.

  8. Aye da boy should not have died like that ok….if he was giving trouble tell his mother tell da dam police tell someone…them fellas need to stop this nonsense man…so they shot thru the vehicle so wat if the owner was in it uh? Is so dey wuda take the driver life to? This country is a mess man….soooooo many people in other countries suffering big time my people big time…this is serious….n people here taking other people life for a joke mun…all tis breaks my heart….but I always say Lord vengeance is yours…u will repay

    • Well said one of the only good comments here. Ppl talking about all things but not the real problem. We are having a criss here in ST Lucia. Small Island so much murder not right. Ppl lets call on the ministers and start to protest for answers. Since when kids can’t be out late at night hanging with friends or on the block. When I was 16yrs we were surrounded by family and always outside gathering in the neighborhood doing cook out. Crazy how it’s ok to kill a person’s child because he troublesome is that what we amount too? ST Lucia is in trouble and God be with us all.

  9. If we truly want an end to this violence in St. Lucia then we need to put aside our bias political comments at times and look into the Bible for answers .
    This is what we read in 2 Chron. 7 and verse 14: “If my people which are called by my name, shall HUMBLE themselves and PRAY, and seek my face, and turn from their WICKED ways ; then will I hear from heaven, and forgive their SIN , and will HEAL THEIR LAND”.
    A nation who turns their back upon GOD will suffer the consequences of their doings. Too much hatred in this little country. The nation needs a great repentance like Nineveh did.
    Our youths of today have NO regard for anything GODLY.

  10. So his friend,friend shoot him, wat OMG RIP young man, the devil come to kill steal and destroy,but JESUS come to give life.

  11. The rich capitalist crooks live the good life in cap estate Rodney bay and born Terre we need a revolution to drive away the chastanet administration out of power and create a socialist system of government so every citizen can benefit

  12. So go to a. gar der and drive them out………….and too the one who said stop blaming things on the you know that the devil tempted God himself. So who is man when it comes to the devil..i mean seriously? There i see you dont know your bible

    • I agree anonymous…too many people taking this devil thing for a joke…..our land is somehow being controlled by too much evil….Satan existed even before we ever thought of living on this Earth…some ppl jus come into existence n thinking they can control this Earth with their tongue and their actions…. nonsense…if this nonsense doesn’t not stop in saint Lucia we better start praying God heals our land… this killing spree is spiraling too dam much

  13. I have already expressed condolences to the bereaved family of the deceased. I thought that I should retort to the religious fanatics who commented on my post. From time immemorial, man has always tried to place blame on someone else for his crime instead of taking responsible. The Devil has now become a convenient scapegoat. It now means if I’m charged with a crime and go before a magistrate or a judge, my defense should be that the devil made me do it. He (devil) was so mentally overpowering I couldn’t refrain from committing murder or rape because I did not have the mental fortitude to resist. You, religious zealots, don’t you believe that God could use his omnipotence to prevent Satan from overpowering a young person from acquiescing to the devil’s plan? You make Satan omnipotent while diminishing the strength and power of the God you serve. Stop handcuffing yourself to the false premise that the devil is responsible for all the ills of this world. Learn to take responsibility for your own actions. No wonder there are more haters and evil doers in the church than on the streets because the church goers want to pass the buck for their ill-sinful plans and actions.

  14. Anonymous dnt b ridiculous…..watever crime is committed it’s to say Satan had an influence over you to do so….the same way wen we do good in this world God is the main influence to it….it’s either good or evil…if the devil not responsible for the I’ll of this world then who is? Is either u an atheist or someone who jus don’t like to hear about God…well news flash whether you believe he exists or not the world not waiting on u…is either we all repent and give him our all daily or we continue with no hope…that’s just the bottom line….if we pray and seek God he has promised to heal our land….let the Bible speak for itself…and not human so called superior knowledge

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