george willie
george willie

Lance Willie, the son of deceased Blanchard, Desruisseaux resident, George Willie who was hit by a vehicle yesterday, has said that the driver indicated that a hole on the road contributed to the mishap.

“Wasco had a lil project doing by the road and he said that was the main purpose of the accident, because he tried to get away from a hole,” Willie told the Times.

According to a police statement, pickup truck registration number PD 809 driven by Eldon Wilson of Anse-Ger, Micoud, was travelling in a westerly direction when it ran- off the Blanchard main road.

The vehicle hit 62 year old George Wilie aka “Fwere George.

The son of the deceased farmer told the Times that although he did not see the incident unfold, he learned that his father was sitting on a step when the mishap occurred.

“My father was seated right on the top step to his home and the vehicle came up on the top and pass on him,” Willie told the Times.

He said he heard a loud noise and upon investigating, saw that a vehicle had run into his Aunt’s house, after passing through the yard where his father was.

“While people came around watching the accident, a young lady said ‘but look, there is a man in the flowers dead’, so when I watch I saw it was my father,” Willie recalled.

According to Willie, the driver of the vehicle said he did not see the father sitting on the step.

He said that at least four other persons, passengers in the pickup, were injured.

However Willie told the Times that his Aunt, who was asleep at the time when the vehicle ran into her house, was unhurt.

Police said that the incident occurred at about 4:35 pm yesterday.




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