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Saint Lucia’s Director of Social Services, Elizabeth Lewis, has told St Lucia Times that her department is receiving ‘alarming’ reports of incest and wants the activity to stop.

According to Lewis, incest continues to be a ‘real issue’ for the Department of Human Services.

“A lot of our reports, over 80 percent of our reports are that of incestuous relationships and I think particularly of sexual relationships between fathers and daughters, siblings and other family members,” she disclosed.

Lewis said her department recognises that incest has been a long standing issue in the society.

She noted that several reasons have been offered to explain why incest occurs, but noted that there has never been any research to determine what the issue really is.

Lewis said incest is a source of concern the the Department of Human Services.

“We are always concerned because we recognise that it is a criminal offence in Saint Lucia,” she told St Lucia Times, adding that the activity has a devastating psychological effect on victims and families.

“Persons who have these tendencies need to see a psychologist – they need to see a counsellor to deal with whatever issues that they have,” Lewis said.

Lewis said persons who know of cases of incest should  report the matter to the authorities.

“What we are seeing a lot of times is that victims of incest become perpetrators of it,” she observed.

The Director of Social Services told St Lucia Times that in almost every case her department deals with, persons involved know that incest is wrong.

“But for some reason they still go ahead and engage in the activity,” Lewis explained.

She spoke against the backdrop of reports in the local media this week that that a local woman and her sister were propositioned by their brother during a WhatsApp conversation.

One of the women said  the brother even wanted to arrange for her to spend time with him at a guest house where they could have sexual relations.

The woman, who said she was angry and disgusted,  disclosed that she shared the offensive messages with the rest of her family and told the brother she wanted nothing to do with him anymore.

She also said she spoke with the man’s wife out of concern of what he may do to his own children.

She said her brother then asserted that she was accusing him in an effort to obtain family property.

“He even told someone that he did not know it was me – he thought that it was his wife he was messaging,” she said.



  1. Sexual abuse involving minors and cases of incest are becoming prevalent. Society seems to be sex crazed. The Department of Social Services should be well equipped with the requisite resources it needs to seek speedy prosecution of these vultures. There is a definite resurgence of perverted behavior. Not even our innocent children and family members could escape these bestial acts foisted on them.


  2. […] Source: St. Lucia Times Saint Lucia’s Director of Social Services, Elizabeth Lewis, has told St Lucia Times that her department is receiving ‘alarming’ reports of incest and wants the activity to stop. According to Lewis, incest continues to be a ‘real issue’ for the Department of Human Services. “A lot of our reports, over… Link: Saint Lucia authorities cite ‘alarming’ reports of incest […]

  3. What do you all expect, when the government has a ship load of gay people coming to our country talking about tourism, what message are you sending to the younger generation.

    • Hey, this has nothing to do with television, tourism, gay people or American influence you fool. I’m sure it was taking place before any of those things hit the shores of st. Lucia.
      People who perpetuate these acts are mentally disturbed and need help, they would commits those acts no matter what.

      There are just too many mentally disturbed people walking the streets that don’t get the help that they so desperately need and there are way too many mental midgets, such as yourself, who think the problem is t.v or some other ridiculous nonsense.

      Face facts that’s always been an issue and will continue to be until we learn to break that negative and devastating cycle, not just in st. Lucia, anywhere that disgusting behavior takes place.

      • It has always been an issue but it is growing rapidly because of the influence of the media! That is a fact because mainstream media makes it acceptable and plants it in your head when it was not there before.

      • You can’t be eager to call someone a mental midget when you yourself are proving to be the exact thing. Granted, television may not always be the cause, however, television has a huge part to play along with programs being viewed on the internet for many cases. Those programs are filled with subliminal messages which then become conscious thoughts. Thoughts then become actions. It’s okay to disagree. Not everyone understands psychology.

      • In addition to all the replies before me our young men have a serious pornography addiction and it didn’t just start yesterday these negative things have been passed down through generations

  4. So whats new Lewis. You just wake up. The real question is what action role is your department playing? Or are you just a department of statistics.

  5. More than 50% of women in St Lucia was sexually abused, raped, molested, by step father close relatives and neighbours.

    Give people unanimity and let them submit the names of their sex offenders. All will fall down cause our prominent men’s names will surface. What a Mess!!!!!

    • too much damn time on their hands and too much distraction in the little island Americans influence is how she felt the demons are running loose check them people get that silver

  6. Just go’s to show you that we blacks are not that long removed from trees. We still backwards baboon’s. We rape de white’s we rape our own.

    • I must say this country is stuck in the olden years, long outdated practices are still present to this day, we are not advancing, economically, educationally nor mentally. COME ON ST.LUCIA!! its time to take two steps foward and leave those practices in the past where they are suppose to be.

  7. Before cable and internet came to this island, incest was on the all time high. The excuse then was that there wasn’t enough to keep these perverts occupied. Today there is internet and cable and that becomes their excuse too. From the 1930 and beyond, this shit was in existence. 99.99% of childhoods have been destroyed through incest. The few cases known are because the act ended up in a pregnancy, but like Adam and Eve, most of our children become aware of their private area through incest. Most of our woman walk around scared from a childhood experience. Some bury it deep in theie sub-conscious mind whiles others become so paranoid that they monitor their kids so closely to protect them from the same.

  8. The social services office personnel should work closely with the teachers when a child reports incidents of that nature.

  9. Well if such a statement is made we need evidence to back this up. How long has she Elizabeth been in the position and checked the records to know that incest is increasing before making such a statement. As a public official she cant just make blanket statements like this without giving us proper figures. As for the men who perpetrate this, young women be smar,t no matter what relation he is to you, if he start looking at you wrong, stay away from him and say that he gives you the creeps. If he tries to even come near you report him to police. the mothers that are sutiwez should be reported too.

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