Sir Arthur Lewis Community College (SALCC) has launched a ‘ Responsible Behaviours’ campaign to highlight issues  related to responsible driving, sexual behaviour, social norms and alcohol consumption.

According to a statement on the campaign, the initiative comes against the backdrop of  the recent spate of vehicular accidents, the questionable use of social media, and other social ills.

The campaign targets SALCC students.

It features a series of motivational seminars which began on Wednesday, March 14 and will culminate on Wednesday, March 21.

Other components include student campaign and slogan competitions.

The venue for the seminars is the SALCC from 12 to 2. pm.

‘The aim is to sensitize young people to the dangers associated with risky behavior that can impact themselves and others, in the hope of reaching the entire student body and filtering into the wider community,’ according to organisers.

The organisers have observed that essential to the success of the activity is the partnership and support of parents, civil society and other stakeholders who have been impacted, and who can impact the lives of Saint Lucia’s young people.


  1. This effort is commendable and should be emulated by the business sector and non governmental organizations. In my opinion, we rely on government to do almost everything when there are many non governmental organizations,community groups, and individuals that can be of great assistance to the nation. Volunteerism should be encouraged. One individual, one organization could make a huge difference in a community.

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