Sandals  has denied that it is about to enter the local transportation sector

There have been reports that the hotel chain will be granted concessions to import vehicles.

However Winston Anderson, who was recently appointed Managing Director of Sandals Resorts in Saint Lucia, while disclosing that he has heard the reports, said that there is absolutely no truth to them.

“We have never ever thought about getting into the transport sector,” Anderson stated.

“We have a great relationship with Southern Taxi and the three taxi associations at the various resorts,” he declared.

Anderson said entering the transport sector is not a strategy that Sandals has considered.

“There is no truth to that one,” he explained, adding that Sandals will continue to work with Southern Taxi and other taxi associations.

“We have just encouraged them to get more luxury vehicles because with the over the water bungalows and with us upgrading our suites, we have encouraged them to invest,” the Sandals official disclosed.

Anderson, who is both Manager of the Sandals Grande and oversees all the other Sandals properties in Saint Lucia, said he was elated and excited about his appointment.

“It gives me a greater opportunity to work closer with Saint Lucia and be in a better position to  continue to drive Saint Lucia  as a destination and continue to assist the community on a wider scale and more importantly, to continue the role of developing people,” he explained.

Sandals Resorts International last year announced plans to add a fourth resort, Sandals LaSource Saint Lucia,  to its award-winning list of properties here.

The new resort will be nestled on 19 acres of land next to the existing Sandals Grande Saint Lucian Resort.

“I think the proposed new resort is going to  take the destination to another level,” Anderson asserted.

Anderson noted that currently there are some 1,800 people employed by Sandals with the new resort expected to provide employment for some 700 more.

He said adding another resort will benefit all the stakeholders, including taxi drivers and fishermen.

Anderson also promised to work more closely with the agriculture sector.



  1. When God speaks of a “new” covenant, it means he has made the first one obsolete. It is now out of date and will soon disappear.

    – Hebrews 8: 13

  2. It is always a hear wat……And then..the truth comes out..Any way…Not I will feel sorry for them taxie drivers….if this happen… us in St Lucia…first the beach…now the taxie…

  3. Hmm…the rich will get richer…the poor will get poor….sorry slavery day…has always been in St Lucia…..sorry

  4. They have not lied. If they get (luxury) coaches to transport their guests, they have not made ENTRY into the LOCAL transportation sector. They will squeeze it for sure.

  5. Never expect St.Lucians to be pessimist always optimist.St.lucias always expecting the worst not the most.Tell them lies not truth.They never give a man or woman the benefit of the doubt.Always expect the unexpected from their mouths.They already casting the Winston Anderson as a mask man,i mean always casting the first stone,thats St.Lucians for you,they dont know how to chill and free their minds,always judgement,Roro,Melee,let life say hello,slow down,the man say no truth,to the story you’ll already crucifying the man.You’ll looking for fight when there is no fight.Now why the taxi drivers cannot upgrade their Vehicles.Sandals is a franchise,they doing upgrades to their hotels in order to compete and to be the best.Youll need to go to Jamaica and see,what Jamaica running with,big rig buses they running,taxi cab is for the locals.You’ll think tourist want to get robb,and smell you’ll under sweaty arms,St.lucia you’ll to slow.Thats why they tourist,Sandals now need to invest in a few buses fir their guest and tourist,You’ll out of order,The taxi drivers needto up grade,their vehicles,some of youll don’t even have AC give me a break stop trying to bully Sandals,talking about rich and poor ,Jealously is a bitch,but ambition and hard works always prevail,keep that in mind dont hate the messenger,hate the game.

  6. I work at hotels before,don’t worry with them that’s what they are doing buying their buses.and putting it on someone name which is a staff I know what I talking about.

  7. Whether it’s true or not, there’s probably a good business that could be made for it.

    Sandals is already quite vertically integrated with respect to everything from food to dive boats to back-office.

    Without having a familiar with numbers, one might speculate increased vertical would allow:
    — Increased certainty, something business strives for. It might be speculated that increased certainty in transportation could realize cost savings in a variety of areas ranging from being able to manage one’s own fleet, being able to fortify existing bulk, below-fuel-pump pricing , elimination of the sometimes sketchy experiences and differential pricing that their clients may experience, and a solidification of the brand in terms of the high-satisfaction, repeat client experience, which is worth its weight in gold. Arrive at the airport, and your cares are done, your in our hands for the Sandals experience, sit back relax and enjoy.

    If true, it’s also a brilliant strategic move because with the significant expansion of UVF, the bus and taxi concessions will be up for sale, and they’ll be in early pre-construction and have purchased the best locations (i.e. shortest walk) for pick-ups and drop-offs, unless the best have already been snagged by DSH and Sandals gets to play second fiddle.

    Those independent operators that are upset about a rumour aren’t playing the long game. They should instead be lobbying to find out the selection process and costs for who gets rights to station at the departure and arrival areas of the re-designed airport.

    The move into transportation also recognizes the galvanization that will only increase in the transportation sector as the top-shelf resorts increasing procure their corporate fleets, leaving the so-called “sloppy seconds” to the independents not on contract with the large resorts.

    And, to their surprise, on clearing Customs, unless there’s a well-signed or well indicated bus available, many tourists arriving after a tiring 5 to 7 hour flight are often bamboozled by a media style crush of independents all promising a taxi and the best service.

    Do a flight from here to, take your pick of continent. The last thing one wants is a bunch of in your face drivers — people want, “WOW, I’m here, it looks amazing, I’m tired, I don’t want to dig for my wallet, just show me which bus or van to climb into, take me to the hotel, please.”

    It’s not right or wrong, it’s called reality and very memorable service offering, something that is too often forgotten, gets recommended to friends, and brings repeat business to the Sandals experience. Plainly stated, it’s business.

    Always be ready to evolve and transform in a changing world. That starts with finishing school.

    There’s a saying in soccer: “The best players aren’t those that get to the ball first. The best players are the ones that know where the ball is going to be next.” Think about it.

  8. Sandals should atleast try renovating they 3 properties first cuz all thier restaurants licking in the ceiling and staff suppose to work I’m that to please guest. All 3 properties are build for sunny days only not rainy day thier working environment sucks that needs to be fixed. Then look into the staff salary, from the time those bangalows were under construction the salary is low there hasn’t been no increase. Every year windjammer renovating there resort, why build a new hotel and the staff and 3 properties are not 100%.

  9. Lord put a hand.
    I swear, the man said THERE IS NO TRUTH TO THE ALLEGATIONS.
    So let me break it down for the slow of mind:
    SANDALS …..IS ….NOT….BUYING ….85 ….VEHICLES…..SO ….IT …..IS ……NOT …..TRUE.
    And in spite of the man saying it is not true, people continue to speculate and act as if it is true, What kinda madness is this?

  10. True or not if they want to they will and there is no one that can stop them the system and government can never be trusted period, “st Lucians watch your bread”

  11. He said there is no truth to sandals entering the transportation sector. He never denied sandals receiving concessions on vehicles. This statement is very deceptively put together if you ask me

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