Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, the MP for Castries Central, has said that it is important for the jobless people of her constituency, especially young people, to get employed as quickly as possible.

“The rate of unemployment is just too high,” the MP asserted.

She told reporters today that there are talented young men and women who are eager and able to serve their country through meaningful employment, using their creativity to supply the needs of their families.

Flood-Beaubrun disclosed that when she holds her constituency sessions she sees up to thirty people, nine-nine percent of whom – young and old, are seeking employment.

She said she was continuing a tour of the constituency today.

The MP stated that the tour which was started last week was intended to assess the needs of the constituents.

According to her, those needs were many.

Flood-Beaubrun declared that housing was very poor in many parts of the community with a  need  for a lot of infrastructural works to be done.

“There are drains that need to be unclogged, foot paths that need to be repaired – the overall quality of life needs to be addressed,” she observed.

Crime was another concern for the Castries Central MP, who asserted that the problem cannot be tackled unless the causes are addressed.

She declared that one of the causes for crime is the social situation in which the people find themselves.

Stressing that there is no excuse for crime, Flood-Beaubrun explained that there are causes  of crime that need to be addressed.

“My plan is to engage the youth, to reach them where they need to be reached and to help them improve their quality of life,” the MP remarked.

She said she wanted to challenge the youth to begin to make healthy choices that do not lead to crime, violence and the homicides that are occurring.

“It is not a Castries Central thing – it is a national response, but certainly as an MP I am willing to take the lead in this,” Flood-Beaubrun observed.