Former Castries Central MP, Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, has called on young men of the constituency and across Saint Lucia to turn away from violence.

“It is not worth it,” Flood-Beaubrun asserted.

She spoke against the backdrop of the multiple shooting this morning of Wilton’s Yard resident, Gregory ”Boyo” Stephen.

Flood-Beaubrun said she has known the fifteen year old victim since he was in “nappies”.

She said it was sad that such a young life had been lost.

The former MP recalled having spoken with “Boyo” just a few days ago.

“Just a few days ago we spoke about him returning to school to complete his education and it is so sad that this has happened,” Flood-Beaubrun lamented.

She said her heart goes out to the teenager’s parents.

Flood-Beaubrun is the opposition’s endorsed candidate to contest the Castries Central seat at the next elections.

She said:

“Over the next few weeks it is our intention to dialogue and engage with the young men in our communities. We have to begin to give them the hope that they need so that they will value this life and live in a way that shows they value life.”

The former government Minister expressed the view that there are many reasons why people get into crime and gangs.

She cited a breakdown in the family, lack of opportunities and poverty as being among the factors.

The former MP spoke of the need to get to the root cause and stop the violence.

The shooting victim’s father recalled seeing his son for the last time last night.

The father, Gregor Jn Baptiste, recounted that the teenager took a shower and said he was going to a party on Grass Street.

“When I was in bed I just heard his name. I hear somebody say ‘They shoot Boyo! They shoot Boyo!’ When I woke up, I went outside – I see him lying down by the street and endless blood around,” the father recounted.

Jn Baptiste said he summoned a car which took the teenager to hospital.

The father told reporters that he kept journeying back and forth to the hospital until the Doctor on duty told him that the boy would not make it, because he had lost too much blood.

He said the youngster had received a bullet to the liver, one to the stomach, one above the heart, one below the heart, one to the spine, one to the arm and two to the wrist.

“I lost my son and I was doing my best for him,” the father noted.

He said the boy kept him company at home.

“It hurts me to see I miss the one I love the most,” he disclosed.