A security guard was shot dead in Vieux Fort, law enforcement officials have confirmed.
The deceased has been identified as 53 year old Paschall Prime Hyacinth, alias ‘Commando’ who was employed by Icon Security Limited.
Police received a report that Hyacinth was found unresponsive around 11 pm on Saturday at Essential Hardware, Industrial Estate, Vieux Fort.
The security guard was conveyed to St Jude Hospital where a medical Doctor pronounced him dead.
He had multiple gunshot wounds to his body, law enforcement officials told St Lucia Times.


  1. Those security companies are all a bunch of thief’s u as a guard risking your life for less than 7;50 an hour .. Whiles they are collecting over 50 thousand every month goverment needs to do something about that as no security guard shoukd work for less than 2.500.00 a month that should be law but the labour department and the goverment do not care about workers in the country all security guards should go on strike for better pay and life insurrance what money is smith paying a guard for him to lose his life for 900 dollars a month and at the end of the month have to wait two more weeks to get paid that is a crime againinst humanity

    • bro smith never ask you to come work for him. you get paid at the end of the month, this here is besides the point. we have a crime situation on our hands that government has done nothing about. we the ppl of this country also have done nothing to curb the crime situation, the change begins with you,

    • So what’s the issue? You think they should give you the entire fee that the businesses pay to the security company? What about the costs that the company has? If they give you all the money, how are they supposed to cover costs of management, equipment, utilities, transportation, uniforms etc? Are you going to pay all of these things out of your own pocket? Didn’t you know how much money you would be making per hour when you applied for the job? Because I’m sure nobody begged you to work for them.

  2. Vieux Fort has become the epicenter of criminal activities in St. Lucia. This should necessitate a heavy and continual presence of law enforcement officers in the area. The snail pace implementation of measures to stem the bloodletting is contributing to this mayhem. For a person to leave his dwelling place, work honestly at unholy hours of the night, to put bread on the family table, and loses his life while assiduously doing his job, this has to be inconsolable for the immediate family. My sincerest condolences to those who are left to moan.

  3. This is so sad. Security officers should be equipped with appropriate weapons to defend themselves against those heartless criminals.

  4. This is a labour department problem no security guard should leave home and work for 600 dollars a fortnight all security guard should mobilize together to work for better pay and also better working conditions stephens king is there not doing anything for the security guards as they are paid very low wages as from Monday all security guards should stay at home and shut down the country 2.500 .00 with life insurance or no work smith pays 900.00 dollars for one month and two weeks icon is exploiting the people from Vieux fort guardsman sentinel tough man for little money ..working for 900 dollars a month 12 hours a day to feed your family is a crime against humanity

  5. Government themselves is not much more they are paying their securities. Only about 400.00 more. They only time they make more is if they work on holidays. They don’t know when last they get a raise.plus they are not equipped in any way.when they give you a touch light,you have to buy battery by urself.so they not better.

  6. @Winston. If your statements are factual, the relevant authorities need to give this situation, concerning the working conditions of security guards, urgent attention. The working conditions can only be described as exploitative and demeaning. The Labor Department and the Minister of Labor are complicit in the exploitation of these hapless workers. These security guards are also ill-equipped and inadequately trained for the nature of the job. Too many illegal guns and ammunitions on the streets. Too many lives cut too short because of gunplay. Innocent and law-abiding citizens and residents are left to the mercy of these merciless criminals.

  7. Funny how the more comments I read, the further people stray from the story. Some of us completely ignore the fact that a life was lost and bring up distractions from that fact. Our empathy is too easily overshadowed and in that lies all our problems. Rip to the deceased and my God bless his family

    • agreed harry. this here is about the crime situation. a young man was shot for not reason. this man has a family lets empathize with them. as for you winston, you were a security officer. you sound like a bitter one. stop straying from the point. .

  8. Imagine Mr. Smith, Managing Durector and Owner of ICON Security for whom this man worked and died, says on TV news, “…I can only apologize…” Mr. Smith what about providing for continued welfare of his family and for the education of his surviving children???

    You never stop do you???

  9. It’s sad that a man lost his life and people are using his death to complain about how much money they earn as if they didn’t know how much they were earning until he died.

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