fire truck fire engine
fire truck fire engine

Services remain suspended at the Desruisseaux Wellness Centre following an apparent electrical fire on Wednesday.

Patients waiting for medical attention reported hearing a loud explosion which was followed by black smoke, St Lucia Times understands.

Patients and staff were subsequently asked to evacuate the building.

The St Lucia Fire Service confirmed that it received a call regarding smoke at the Wellness Centre at around nine o’clock Wednesday Morning.

Officers from the Micoud Fire Service responded to the incident and discovered that an electrical fire had self-extinguished, according to Ronald Pelius, Acting Divisional Officer for the South.

Mr. Pelius explained that an “electrical breaker tripped and there was smoke”. There was no further damage to the structure.

Mr. Pelius said LUCELEC was informed of the incident.

Officials from the Ministry of Health are said to have visited the Wellness Centre on Wednesday to assess the situation.

It’s unclear when services will be restored at the Centre.

This incident comes on the heels of back to back fires at the Soufriere Hospital that has forced the closure of the facility.


  1. As happened after the two fires at the Soufriere Hospital and the DSH fire, we can expect a Press Release from UWP or one of its groups accusing the SLP of arson. I am actually holding my breathe.

      • Bob you really believe that anybody care about getting back to you, one of the 43% with Preschool education according to PM Chastanet.

    • I’m from soufriere and we all know the SLP was behind the hospital fire and DSH fire. The truth will come to light.

      • If “we all” know and “we all” has not provided the police with the info to make an arrest, and Bob knows that “we all” knows then both Bob and “we all” should be arrested. Hope this help you see how silly your comment is. LMAO at you.

  2. But why so many apparently electrical fires in government buildings. First the Gros Islet Pre School building, then the Soufriere hospital twice and mere weeks apart and now Desruisseaux Wellness Centre.

    Shouldn’t government facilities bed leading the way in having proper electrical set ups. After all if they don’t then who will? This is very strange.

    • When was the last time that the Electrical Department of the Ministry of Infrastructure had undertaken the mandatory electrical inspection of this Wellness Centre (or any wellness centre and hospital for that matter). It appears to me that most of our regulatory agencies are dysfunctional.

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