Felicia Nelson, the sister of Andrew Florence who is also known as Andrew Nelson or ‘Archie’, has said that she was shocked to hear news that he was shot dead Monday morning.

According to reports, the incident took place at a shop in Ti Rocher, Micoud.

Felicia Nelson explained that her brother, who is 51 years old, was a quiet individual.

She said that he was not  a ‘bad boy’.

“The boy just smoking his marijuana – that’s it,” the sister revealed.

But  Felicia said that the deceased had a ‘problem’.

“I can’t say it is a mental problem because we never took him to a Doctor,” the sister explained.

She said her brother has not been speaking to her for a long time now.

“One day my brother came at my home and I was not there. He tell my daughter: ‘Oh, my mother leave the bank book so I want my money. My money you have and you not giving it to me.’ So since that day my brother come at my home, I never see my brother again. I only see my brother walking up and down the road and not speaking to anybody,” Felicia Nelson stated.

She disclosed that the deceased was living in a house owned by someone who is overseas.

Police are investigating reports that ‘Archie’ was fatally shot following an altercation with another man in a shop.



  1. I hope his spirit or the mentally ill spirit possesses the person who shot him and run them mad not hurting anyone but themselves let the person take they own life

    • That has to be the dumbest comment i have seen for the day, you should really keep quiet, when you know nothing

    • Ikr Odd.. Run but you can’t hide you know nothing that went on.. You sound so stupid.. Smh. Y’all people are so ignorant

    • Before commenting and making a fool of yourself. Get the facts……Am guessing you preferred the shop owner to be dead as result of the incident and for the mental patient that the family neglected to at least take to a doctor attacks you or your family. Hope that spirits stops by u first to collect your wishes. Ignorant fool.

  2. They trying their best to legalize marijuana and is it that causing all these depression and young men in the place.
    The shop owner did what he felt was best to defend him self if someone come on me aggressive I’ll defend myself too eh.

  3. Lucians favorite words for those they dislike or disagree with: fool, idiot, dumb, ignorant, stupid, foolish, idiotic, dumbest, illiterate. These words do nothing helpful but reflect precisely who you are.

  4. Yo bro don’t blame the marijuana cause it doesn’t have that effect on me. Blame the problem which was the neglect but I don’t blame them cause who wants to face the fact that their family going man not much

  5. I grew up in the constituency and I know both parties very well to start Archie was a qiet but scary type of guy the way he would watch u would bring chills to ur spine if a coward person .On the other hand the shop owner is a quiet individual as well greet everyone in the community no one knows what happened that morning All I can say is Archie R.I.P and the shop owner keep praying to the almighty

    • This is so true, but you forgot Archie was lazy and didn’t like to work. The shop owner is a had working Individual, very respectful, very quiet; so Archie thought he could just walk all over the young man and his mom. The time has come for people to respect each other especially people property. I’m sorry things ended that way; but we have to stand for ourselves in these situations. If he and his mom were killed by Archie, we all know Archie’s families would just say he was mentally ill!!

  6. Smoking “weed” affects one differently. You never know. For some it brings on psychosis. Affects the mind. Mental illness. JUST STAY AWAY FROM IT.

  7. Feel bad for both sides.Archie wasn’t a lazy guy but, lived life his way. Besides he wasn’t a misbehaving guy either. What went wrong is just unfortunate. His lifestyle did not allow ‘friends’ or relatives to assist him, let’s just call him a loner. As a resident I have known both parties from birth and or youth. Was extremely shocked hearing that this shopkeeper had pulled a trigger and killed someone. For this to happen O think he was left little choice. Archie has never refused to do a days work for me when asked. He only wanted his pay upon completion of his work day. If he work an entire week you have to pay him every day.

  8. I have known both individuals all my life. Both were quiet individuals. The difference is that one was on drugs – the one who was killed. I was not there I am not sure what happened but the shooter must have felt really intimidated because the decreased was a really huge and sting guy. The shooter must have been really scared and probably resorted to using his gun. Who knows what would have happened if he did not kill Archie? Maybe he would have been the victim. Lord Jesus I can imagine the pain and anguish on both sides. Bring comfort to both families.

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