Ludacris and wife Eudoxie in St. Lucia (Source: Official Ludacris Facebook page)

The Soufriere Regional Development Foundation (SRDF) has said that it is elated by the presence in Soufriere of American rapper and actor – Christopher ‘Ludacris’ Bridges and wife Eudoxie.

The couple have been sharing photographs of their Saint Lucia vacation on social media.

SRDF Executive Director, Jimmy Haynes, told the Times that he learnt via social media that the couple were at the Sulphur Springs having a ‘mud’ bath.

“Since then he has appeared all over the community – at bars, at the fish market, at the sports ground, at Gros Piton, and it has really created a buzz,” the SRDF official stated.

He explained that when he checked the Facebook postings about the Sulphur Springs trip there were over five million views.

“That is amazing because over five million people around the world would now become aware that there is a Saint Lucia – there is a Soufriere, so we are absolutely elated by that,” the SRDF Executive Director told the Times.

He explained that the visit by the American rapper and his wife can be used to target especially the African-American market.

“I hope the Saint Lucia Tourist Board will see the opportunity presented by Ludacris being here and actually use that opportunity to our benefit,” Haynes stated.

He explained that young people in Soufriere especially have been impacted by the presence of Ludacris in their community.

“If you read the postings on Facebook and Instagram by the young people – especially the young people of Soufriere; when they view a picture of Ludacris and a friend of theirs or an acquaintance of theirs you can see the disappointment: ‘Wow why was I not there?'” Haynes declared.

The SRDF official expressed the view that people in Soufriere are trying to position themselves in various parts of the community and trying to find out where the American rapper will be next, to get an opportunity to be photographed with him.

Haynes disclosed that Ludacris climbed Gros Piton on Thursday and posted a photograph on social media.


  1. Sigh….I wished it was Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Xandria, Asking Alexandria, or many other rockers/rock band instead of mate. Please make that happen

  2. This was wonderful,and of course 5 million people know about St.lucia now.Luda just gave St.lucia prime time,really good,beautiful photos.Thank Luda and Edoxie.

  3. Stop depending so heavily on tourism.
    Create avenues for young ppl to learn a trade. Invest in factories to create things that we can export.

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