A  teenager,identified as Glendon Barthelmy, is dead following a stabbing incident at Bagatelle Tuesday afternoon, police have said.

According to a police official, Barthelmy, 18,  was stabbed during a scuffle with another male after noon.

He was taken to hospital where he died about 3: pm, the law enforcement official told St Lucia Times.

The official disclosed that a male individual is currently in custody in connection with the latest homicide.



  1. Is the commissioner responsible for crime? A lot of the times is us parents and adults to be blamed for raising these types of kids. Why don’t u take a good look around u to see who’s the one to blsme instead of putting it on the commissioner u jackass

    • Guess u dont follow the news. The commissioner stated they will get the number below 25. Go and ask him how he intends to do that.

    • As much as he isn’t responsible..he isn’t the deterrent either. Same thing happen under the watch of a former commissioner. Touted himself as the cause for decreased scrims..then all hell brokeloose

    • Bad gyal aka idiot!

      You are clueless! The commissioner said he will keep homicide total under 25…pure buffoonery.

    • Thank u bad gyal. I hate an ignorant dumb @#%$. Did the commissioner put guns and knives in people’s hand,?? Does he even know them.?? Im so sick and tired of these disrespectful idiotic people blaming the government every time there is a murder.

  2. Years ago the calypsonian Polinus sang a prophetic song about ” Western Take Over the Country.” Film at 11.

  3. When I look at the senioro in St lucia the people who are making children most of them have never been employed in the system it’s like children making children

  4. I wouldn’t blame parents too much, we need to put the blame on us adults we are reaping the rewards of the seeds we have sown throughout the years cause we have given the devil full access to our society, children and even us as adults but the children we have now have no patience and are really bad tempered

  5. When the home is dysfunctional, society becomes dysfunctional. When adults display their indecent behavior in public, the children soak it up like a sponge in water. The home, the school, the church and the wider community need to come together and devise wholesome programs that will positively impact the younger generation. A frightening phenomenon has taken hold of this country. The sanctity of life has been lost.

  6. Today ur grandaunt will b laid to rest.yesterday ur life was cut short.u are family u are my lil cuz.u gone but will never b forgotten I miss u.?????rest in peace my boy.

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