PRESS RELEASE: Castries, Saint Lucia, Thursday January 25th, 2018   On Friday January 26th, the students and staff of Trinity Christian Early Childhood Centre are planning another field trip to take part in a random act of love. They will be visiting the Dunnottar School to share some love with the students. The students from Trinity Christian regularly choose a way to show the unconditional love of God by showing an act of love to random groups of people in the community. This January, they chose to share a treat and some songs with the students at Dunnottar School.

The students and staff at Trinity Christian have done several random acts of love in the past. They handed out candy canes to the Ministry of Early Childhood Education staff at Christmas, served cocoa tea to workers and community members on the road in Bisee in October as well as others.

The Dunnottar School was a logical choice to show some love. The Dunnottar School is the only school in St. Lucia to serve special needs students full time. They serve varying disabilities such as down syndrome and autism. Their aim is to be the leading provider in care, education and training of children and young adults with developmental disabilities.

“Sometimes we forget what a strong belief system does for the development of our children,“ says Pastor Tom Spiegelberg.  “We are careful to instill in our children the ABC’s and 1, 2, 3’s of education, but there is so much more to our development than knowledge alone.  Having faith in Christ allows us to develop such Christ-like attitudes as forgiveness, repentance and love that does not need to be given back in return.  When Christ died for us long before we did anything for him, he showed us how to love without expecting love in return. That is the point of our Random Acts of Love. We want our children to love others unconditionally like Christ did.  In this way, we are instilling in them a deep sense of love and belonging and equipping them to make a difference in the world one day when they are grown. The values we teach children when they are two and three years old makes a huge difference in their lives when they are twenty or thirty.”

For more information on the Dunnottar School, see their website at For more information on Trinity Christian Early Childhood Centre, see or call 450-2244.


  1. New Testament Verse of the Day:
    “You will always have the poor among you, but you will not always have me.”

    –Matthew 26:11

  2. The special education Centre in soufrierè also serves children with special needs full time. Love what Dunnottar does but they are not alone.

    • Thank you for that. Now realizing that there are several places island wide that are committed to this work. We need to promote and celebrate their work so the public realizes the valuable work they do.

  3. I want to greatly commend the teachers and students if the Trinity Christian Early Childhood Centre for their initiatives in reaching out and giving back to the community. It’s my firm belief that our main purpose in life is to help each other especially people who are less fortunate than ourselves. I also hope these acts of kindness would inculcate in the young ones the value of giving, caring and love for one another.

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