Veteran Educator, Doctor Virginia Albert-Poyotte, believes that the Common Entrance Examination should be reviewed.

The former General Secretary of the Caribbean Union of Teachers (CUT), noted that universal secondary education currently exists in Saint Lucia, guaranteeing every child a place at secondary school.

Albert-Poyotte told the Times that it was most important to ensure that when students enter secondary school, they can perform at the entry level.

“To allow students to do a one time exam does not serve the purpose of preparing that child to operate at secondary level,” the former President of the Saint Lucia Teachers Union asserted.

She recalled cases where children enter secondary school without knowing how to read and write properly.

“That should never happen,” Albert-Poyotte declared.

She expressed the opinion that there should continuous assessment where checks and balances are put in place and remedial work is done, to ensure that a child continues to perform and learn and is prepared for secondary school.

The veteran educator felt that Common Entrance has outlived its usefulness.

She told the Times that the exam should be seriously reviewed to better serve the needs of the children.

Albert-Poyotte said that teachers can do their regular assessment while the Ministry of Education can standardize the approach to the assessment, to ensure a common standard throughout the Island.

She spoke of the need for teachers to examine the areas of weaknesses that students have and help the students improve.

“No child should enter secondary school performing below the national mean,” Albert-Poyotte asserted.