d'anthony charles
d'anthony charles

The Water and Sewerage Company Inc, WASCO, in the wake of several incidents of vandalism of its property, has appealed to members of the public not to interfere with the company’s infrastructure.

The company has indicated that there are several examples of communities which have experienced water problems because of damage to mains through, among other things, road works.

WASCO Communications Officer, D’Anthony Charles told a news conference today, that should damage be observed on the company’s lines, persons should report the matter.

Asked whether anyone has been arrested for vandalism, the Wasco spokesman replied in the negative, asserting that it was only because no one has been caught.

“We would not be in a position to know that a community does not have water if we have a valve to that community and somebody has tampered with that valve, or shut off the water supply to that valve in order for them to receive water,” he explained.

Charles said in the event of such a development, it is only when WASCO receives a report that the company is able to ascertain that a community is not being served.

According to the WASCO official, that puts a strain on the company which has to send someone to undo  what was done.

He explained that the manpower thus expended could have been put to use somewhere else.

According to Charles, heavy rain events, like drought, will result in interruptions in the system.

“As long as those are addressed it will take twenty-four to forty-eight hours for water to reach persons at high elevations and extreme ends of the system, so we are asking persons to be patient with us and just inform us ,” he told the news conference.

Charles said WASCO has an active social media page as well as a WhatsApp page by means of which persons can communicate with the utility.

He indicated that Wasco’s control room can also be contacted.