Jim King

Residents of La Bonne, Monchy who have been without pipe-borne water for months will finally get some relief.

The lone water company, WASCO says the community should begin to receive water as early as Wednesday night.

WASCO Water Services Manager, Jim King blamed the lack of water on population growth, poor infrastructure and turbidity brought on by heavy rain.

“The La Bonne area and the communities of Babonneau are fed by the Hill 20 System. The Hill 20 System right now is unable to meet the needs of these communities because these communities have grown tremendously over the past years.

King says WASCO is currently working on a pipeline to increase the amount of water distributed to the areas fed by the Hill 20 system.

“We will be feeding the hill 20 system also from water from the Theobalds Treatment plant. At present this project is almost completed. When completed, it will drastically improve the situation in Babonneau and the La Bonne area,” King said.

Residents of La Bonne say they have not received pipe-borne water for over two months.

The residents staged a march to the main water storage tank in their community last weekend to call attention to their plight.

The say their frustrations were further compounded by conflicting reports from WASCO for the lack of water.

King promised that, with the current upgrades being undertaken by WASCO, residents can expect to see a “great” improvement in the water service in the coming months.


  1. SLT Thank you for highlighting the story. Credit to the people for taking a stand. Many times you have to agitate to get results. When you are poor people want to ill-treat you. Everybody deserves equity.

  2. Only now wasco coming with those lame excuses, why wasn’t this communicated to the people before, why wasn’t there a meeting with the residents to give them some hope smh

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