wintrades supermarket la clery
wintrades supermarket la clery

It was pandemonium this evening shortly before 7:00 pm, when eyewitnesses reported that a young woman barged into Wintrades supermarket in La Clery.

A supermarket employee told the Times the woman, who was accompanied by another female, rushed into the business establishment, grabbed several bottles of apple juice and was rushing back outside with them when he attempted to stop her.

The employee said there had apparently been an altercation earlier and the woman had  seized the bottles to be used as missiles.

He explained that as he held her, her companion whipped out a knife and made several attempts to stab him.

The worker told the Times that had he not taken quick evasive action, trying to use the woman he was holding as a shield, he might have been dead, given the fury with which he was attacked.

He disclosed that his attacker then turned on the Security Guard, identified as Victor Delice of Yorke Hill.

The Wintrades employee disclosed that Delice was stabbed in the chest and slashed on the neck.

He recalled that the intruders pelted a bottle at Delice.

The women are reported to have left, only to return with a gang, one member of which had a cutlass.

They are reported to have dispersed with the arrival of the police who had been summoned after the trouble started.

One woman told the Times that a stone that the assailants threw outside the supermarket narrowly missed her.

The injured security guard was taken to hospital via ambulance.

According to information obtained by the Times, one of the two females who barged into the supermarket lives at Active Hill, while the other lives at City Gate.

“It was a riot here,” an eyewitness said.

Police are investigating.