Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Health Minister Appalled Over Wellness Centre Robbery Report

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Health Wellness and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste says he is appalled and saddened by a robbery report at the Mental Wellness Centre that ‘directly impacted’ three staff members.

In a statement Wednesday, the Minister said he was aware that the police are investigating circumstances surrounding what he described as ‘that unfortunate incident’.

“Three of our staff have been directly impacted and I share with them and their families the deep concern of the government for their well-being at this time,” Jn Baptiste stated without going into details.

“We will do all that we must do to assist the law enforcement authorities in their investigations and I encourage all who can and all who have information to assist the law enforcement agencies,” he asserted.

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“All of us in Saint Lucia must continue to work with each other and continue to work with our law enforcement agency to ensure that we curb this scourge of crime in this country,” Jn Baptiste said.

The Millennium Heights Medical Complex (MHMC) said that it was aware of a reported robbery at the National Wellness Centre and sought the help of the police in investigating the incident, which occurred around 1:00 am on Wednesday.

Sources indicate that at least one female staff member sustained injures and two others were left traumatised when intruders, at least one of whom had a knife, descended on the centre and relieved them of valuables.

According to reports, there was also an attempt at sexual assault.

Law enforcement officials have confirmed that they are investigating a report of an aggravated robbery at the institution.

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  1. Stop being appalled, do something about it. All these administrations have failed Saint Lucia in crime prevention. It’s like open season for criminal activity with no consequences. Unacceptable for a country who say they are developing and whos main industry is toursim.

  2. What a shame ..Some of these St. Lucians are pathetic and heartless. The very systems which are put in place to assist them ..and then not only robbery ..attempted rape….smh

    St. Lucian is a small island you all know who the thugs are, their parents know who they are. Why are they allowed to run amok?????? They are cursed with a curse and will suffer tremendously.

    It appears that every one will sit idly by in St. Lucia while the thugs take over and destroy citizens and island alike.

  3. The situation here in Lucia is rotten. While politicians are going after each other like kids the criminals now have no jurisdiction of who to target. It has become so worst that the outside organization will soon have us as we are a nation completely out of control when it comes to crime. . We have criminal who sits in government offices seeking safe heaven while the criminal on the outside hand pick there next target

  4. MOP (Minister of Protocol) ….I do sympathize with the victims but you’ll need to rid your house oh criminal elements as it is filtering in the society worse than ever before.

  5. Smh. The Minister said he is Apalled. Smh This guy been stuck in a bush somewhere. I am more appaulled at the Level of Ignorance of what is Really happening in Lucia. So let me here about the Mechanisms that Poyotte said that are being put in place. Am waiting. So what if the Police find the perpetrators. The l;aws u parliamentarians whave will set them free, the Labour hack lawyers will defend the criminals buy out the Labour hack judges and then go sit up Bois Patat drink, laugh at us Poor LUCIANS. CHOOPPSS TANN

  6. A minister of national security is a waste of the country’s limited resources. Had there been a minister of national security, the crime would still have occurred. All public servants are reactive. The police has always been our national security, but they are underperforming.

  7. Who is our Minister of National Security? Answer: Who knows. Is there even such a person? It’s as rhetorical as asking, did the chicken come before the egg?

  8. Sick, sad, and shameful! A pack of rabid dogs has taken hold of the nation, while the leaders and the led appear clueless and helpless as the country continues its tragic fall into an abyss of lawlessness and criminality! This is just sick, sad and shameful!

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