Health Minister Recounts Delays She Experienced In Getting Hospital Treatment

Saint Lucia’s Health Minister Mary Isaac has been recounting her experience about six years ago in getting treatment at Victoria Hospital.

Isaac spoke against the backdrop of concerns about long delays experienced in getting treatment at the health care facility and persistent complaints about conditions there.

The Minister recalled that she visited the hospital in regard to an issue with her leg, arriving there about 6 O’ clock in the evening.

“At seven in the morning I left Victoria Hospital and went to the polyclinic because a Doctor had not seen me,” Isaac recalled.

“Since I knew that the polyclinic was opening at 8 O’ clock I left Victoria Hospital and went to the Gros Islet polyclinic,” she told reporters, explaining that she arrived before the health care facility in the North of the Island was opened.

She said she ‘rushed in’ when it opened since the facility operated on a first come, first served basis.

According to Isaac, she did not leave the polyclinic until about 11 O’ clock in the morning.

“The records are there to show that actually happened,” she declared

She told reporters she was recounting the incident to indicate that the situation was not unprecedented.

“What is happening now is not new – this has always been happening,” Isaac stated.

“Now we actually have more staff to attend to people and now we have a triage system that has been put in place, it is working a lot more efficiently than the chaos we used to have before,” the Minister noted.

“We continue to have a lot of issues and I am not going to say it’s perfect. We are working towards making it better,” Isaac said.

She expressed the view that when the transition is made to the Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH), things should be a lot better.



  1. ISSAC hush. U are there to improve health care. Do your job and do not try to justify the poor state of health with your experience six years ago. Again do your job!!!

  2. It is so sad to see how when we get to VH how slow they move and have you waiting, if those nurses want to , they can do better, no one should have to wait such long hours to be attended to where are the doctor’s that are assigned to work or be on duty. We keep going back, why are we going back, Miss. Mary you can do much better than that if you choose to. Another thing while we there bickering about the parties in and out of politics .those boys and girls r best of friends. I wish I had some pics to show how friendly they are. And we out there hating each other. Making enemies for people who are friends with each other.

  3. In my case, I got to VH at 4:00pm on a Sunday afternoon and could not get a bed to sleep after 27 hours, nor anything to eat for that length of time after I complained about it. I thought it was the norm and not all the doctors nor nurses are nice, just a hand picked few.
    At the OKEU its no different, you get there at 8:00am for an appointment at 8:30am but do not get to see a doctor until 12:00noon, some people even longer than that. I say the more things change, the more it remain the same.
    There is no database with patient records available but doctors require patients to carry their hospital documents on their person, I never heard of such. Isn’t this 2019, why do we operate as if we are still in the pre-colonial era, can’t we afford a data base to keep patient records? Come on now?

  4. Really Mary? this is the excuse you come up with after being the main person for healthcare after over 3 years in charge?

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