Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Health Minister Says Health Care In Saint Lucia Improving

Saint Lucia’s Health Minister Mary Isaac has expressed the view that health care locally is getting better.

“It is improving day by day – slowly yes, because there’s a lot of financing that’s required,” she told reporters this week.

Isaac observed that throughout the Caribbean there’s a movement of skilled and experienced nurses.

She observed that the trend was not limited to Saint Lucia and asserted that local nurses are not migrating just because of the health care situation here.

According to the minister, the nurses are moving for many reasons, including more attractive salaries, better working conditions and opportunities to better themselves.

“It is not good for us because we are losing a lot of our trained people and our more experienced nurses,” Isaac stated.




  1. Maybe in her eyes the health care is improving. Go and ask the nurses and patients what they go through. There is a shortage of beds and equipment. That is your idea of improvement!!!!

    • Ok Mary, you say that our trained ” nurses are moving for many reasons, including more attractive salaries, better working conditions and opportunities to better themselves.” Why then people like you (a former president of a union) did not work with Alicia to use the negotiations to provide more attractive salaries, better working conditions and opportunities? What happened instead was that she represented her parties interests. So now Mary, tell me: how is the health care is improving when the people who provide care are unhappy and running away?

  2. We ARE leaving because of a failing healthcare system that is also killing us as healthcare workers. We are overworked and forced to make miracles with little resources and then traumatized with daily threats received from citizens. We are the nations whipping boys and we are tired! This healthcare system is killing our people (literally) and you’re telling me it is improving? Ok then Mary Sans Haut Isaac!

  3. Wow, Mary I am so sorry for you all blacks to be dogs under this government. I am black, but I remember the white man and slavery. Can’t you all see the white man is overpowering you all.

  4. Of course it is improving for Mary Issac her pocket can afford to send herself and her family to the top doctors then out the country if it requires further attention. The rest of you peasants will have to see for yourselves. When will see that we are dying in broken systems are supposed to keep us healthy and care for us when we are not,educate us etc. Etc.

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