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Health Minister Says People With ‘Less Money’ Buying Alcohol

Saint Lucia’s Health Minister, Senator Mary Isaac, has lamented that the consumption of alcohol is creating significant health problems in this country.

She told Newsspin on Real FM earlier this week that it was interesting that people who have less money are buying alcohol.

“At the end of the day they have more health issues and already they don’t have money,” Isaac explained.

She wondered where the money was coming from.

The Saint Lucia Health Minister asserted that a lot of health problems are associated with alcohol consumption.

“We see a high rate of diabetes,” the minister told programme host, Timothy Poleon.

She disclosed that an extra shift has been added to the dialysis unit of the Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH).

“We now we are running four shifts – almost 24/7 just to cover the amount of problems this alcohol drinking is creating,” the minister stated.

“I think that these people need to start waking up and taking care of their health and take control of their lives,” she declared.

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    • You people need to learn to separate the message from the messenger. This lady is totally right. Alcohol abuse is a pandemic in this country. Alcohol is a poison and it is evidenced from the moment you consume it. Your digestive system and excretory systems work overtime to get rid of it. On every corner it is being sold. Right next to places of worship and schools. Yet the administrators of these institutions remain silent. We have songs glorifying alcohol. Non enforcement of laws designed to limit alcohol abuse. And you know who is paying for it, the healthy people who don’t consume alcohol.

      • Stop alcohol abuse, if the messenger got her message wrong. The issue of alcohol use and how it affects the body is not just a poor person’s problem. The messenger also missed the fact that when people are in deplorable conditions alcohol and drugs are used as avenues to deal with their problems. The messenger, rather than just criticising poor people for use of alcohol should instead outline her government’s plans to raise the people’s standard of living that would make their lives better. The messenger is in a position to get her ministry and the country involved in a serious drive against alcoholism. The messenger is in a position to encourage the enforcement of the laws designed to limit alcohol abuse and what is she doing?

      • @Contrictor. Enforcement of laws is down to the judiciary and police. A Minister of Health cannot enforce laws. They can agitate but can’t enforce.

  1. Mary Francis r u a jackass, d ppl frustrated with level of poverty so they use alcohol 2 drown their sorrows while y’all so called leaders continue living ur lavish lives

  2. What a ridiculous comment….everyone knows this as a fact. Ms Isaac, poor people drink more because they have more frustrations and issues that they want to wipe away with alcohol. If you want them to take better care of health, improve their standard of living , education and quality of life and their mind set will change.

    • Poor people drink because they’re idiots. Why not use the the little money they have to help improve their education and standard of living instead of poisoning themselves and begging for handouts.

    • You mean treat them like children at the tax payers expense? I think not. Throw them in the ocean, the lot of them. Also raise alcohol prices.

      • Welfare state they wish for at the expense of hardworking people who make every expense to live healthily. What a crock! Throw them in the damn sea.

      • Mary Isaac, Anonymous and Mash you all really are displaying your ignorance and your 43% preschool characteristic. There is evidence in abundance that shows that when people are depressed and in difficult circumstances they turn to such things like alcohol to get a sense of comfort. True alcohol will not solve they problems but it provides some badly needed temporary escape. So the idea is not to condemn them but to seek to assist them and give them workable solutions. Now if the idea is to discuss alcohol from a health point of view, is it only the poor who consume large amounts of alcohol that affect health?

      • @ the moron Eh bien bon. Let’s blame the state for INDIVIDUAL decisions. People have no control over themselves or their actions. The state can set policy and enforce laws. Laws are not being enforced and that is an issue for the state to solve. But is the state expected to babysit you. Be like Santa Claus and know when you are sleeping and knows when you awake.

        Does God hold the state responsible for an individual’s actions? People are held accountable for their actions. You want the state to be responsible if you don’t wipe your behind? Moron.

  3. Mary, you are saying it as you see’s it, and that is how it’s in the land, so let them say! we don’t know the reason for this, only those who feel’s it know it!

  4. She’s on point there, though. This is not a problem with just poor people. However, persons who experience some type of mental disorder. People that lack certain coping skills when going thru difficult situations. An increase in prices or taxes on such toxic substances may just help to do the trick. With, of course, more Wellness supporting programmes designed to assist persons going thru difficult times.


    Not sure that the Minister should blame it on ‘…Consumption.’

    She just might wish to look at a number of factors;

    (a) …Importation; Consumers do not import;
    (b) …Taxation; Consumers do not impose taxes;
    (c) …Selling; Consumers do not sell; and
    (d) …Profit; Consumers do not make profit.’

    More often than not, the stresses of life have forced people to find escape.

    Among these stresses are frustration due to,

    (i) …chronic indigence;
    (ii) …lack of employment opportunities;
    (iii) …lack of disposable income.’

    These they say, often lead to ‘…depression and despair.’

    Some have found it in,

    (i) …bottles of alcoholic beverages;

    (ii) …some in pieces of rope; and

    (iii) …some by ingesting poisonous liquids.’

    Sure if the Minister can find ways to tackle some of the most critical factors, there would less reason for alcohol consumption and less to complain about.

    Even so, viewed from a socialization perspective, legal or illegal, man will always find ways to be boozed.

    Now, ‘…What is likely to happen when the Minister’s administration ‘decriminalizes’ certain amount of the prohibited vegetable substance’ for medicinal purposes and recreational use?’

  6. Most of those who commented previously are actually politicizing this very important issue. There is a problem of alcoholism which started not only today. Sadly we have a lot of our young people who started consuming the alcohol from an early age.

    Whether or not you like Mary, the problem exist. The rum shop are occupied with people who make very little money but who always want “a change”.

    Mary is very correct. Please be objective here

    • Objective? Lol. The vast majority of people living in this country are morons and see everything through either red or yellow tinted glasses. The bigger picture is lost on them.

  7. Dominic Fedee said RUM is part of St Lucia’s culture, seems you all have forgotten that.

  8. Poor people and blue collar workers stop buying piton hieniken Guinness strong bow and Amstel bright from windward and leeward brewery save your money to take care of your family as this is a Freemason organization

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