Sky News:– Coconut oil is “one of the worst foods you can eat” and is “pure poison”, a Harvard professor has said.

In a speech at the prestigious American university, Dr Karin Michels warned against consuming it.

The speech was called Coconut Oil and other Nutritional Errors.

Dr Michels also said consumption of so-called superfoods was unnecessary because we already get enough nutrition from everyday foods like carrots, cherries and apricots.

“We are well and sufficiently supplied,” she said, according to a translation of her German address.

Coconut oil has had its profile boosted in recent years by health food advocates who claim it is healthier than other forms of fat.

Some people even have a spoonful of it in their coffee or their smoothie because of the alleged health benefits.

It has also replaced many oils used in cooking.

People even feed it to their pets.

However, Dr Michels isn’t the only one to have bad things to say about coconut oil.

Although not as strongly, other institutions have warned against over-consumption.

The British Heart Foundation (BHF) says there is not enough good-quality research to provide a definitive answer as to whether coconut oil is better for you than other saturated fats.

It says the healthier choice would be to opt for an unsaturated fat, such as vegetable oil or sunflower oil.

Coconut oil is about 86% saturated fat – about a third more than butter, which is 52%.

Excessive amounts of saturated fats in a diet increases cholesterol, which can lead to blocked arteries and heart disease.


  1. so just like that you people want to come and dirty the good name of coconut oil. smh. yall cant be from the caribbean nor have caribbean heritage. and everything must be taken in moderation. too much of any thing has it effects whether is good stuff or bad stuff, you have to consume it in moderation.
    i will NEVER stop using coconut oil. i will NOT use vegetable oil ever again.

    • I just read an article from doctors stating the patients consuming coconut oil have had dramatic improvements by using coconut oil and they are baffled at this.

  2. .If so, give us the facts to support what you have just said! Because coconut oil was there from creation, the rest of your oils with all the chemicals came after!

  3. Just as the above post mentioned, do everything in moderation, I grew up using coconut oil and never had a problem doing so. How could something grown naturally be harmful to your body? The extra-virgin coconut oil is even better to cook with than the processed ones.

  4. Not to long ago coconut oil slowed or stabilized the alzheimers disease. Smh at you people, once you guys even had us scared of our own oil, so much so that no one could find a bottle on our grocery shelves…please… MYAT.

  5. Please ignore those studies. For Lucians who don’t know, these so-called professors and even doctors are sometimes paid by big pharmaceutical companies, or big businesses to do studies. So they tell the universities to do a study saying that the effects of certain things are bad or good. Their data is open to interpretation, other experts may not agree at all. In this case one has to wonder what link this person has with olive oil or sun flower oil companies whose stuff is not selling. So basically this person gets money to spout nonsense. They already try that with coconut oil. And it took decades for that label to go away. Now she trying it again. But people all over other social media already unto to their tricks. So use your coconut oil as much as you like.

  6. If coconut oil was so bad, almost all the people in the Caribbean would be dead by now. Please I grow up my parents was using it, I continue to use it as an adult. I have never felt so good.

  7. This is nothing but a commercial ruse to destroy coconut oil’s up and coming market share in the commercial food oil market. How can anything natural be bad for you when commercial vegetable oils etc that have been altered by cooking and filtering have been proven to be bad for you ie Margarine! Somebody is paying this ladies rent bill! Coincidental that coconut oil comes from mostly poor countries raises a question or two as well!

  8. dont think this professor is good in his head, think he needs some coconut oil. my grand parents on both sides used it abundantly and they lived to see 96 years.

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