(From Contributor Evans Walsh) Testosterone and the impact it has on the health and wellbeing of males is not very well understood by most people. The general lack of awareness has led to the birth of plenty of misconceptions, which often lead the ignorant to take steps that have a negative effect on their health. Here’s a quick guide to the most toxic fallacies regarding testosterone:

Excessive Testosterone Leads to Uncontrollable Sex Drive

While it is true that testosterone plays a critical role in the ability of men to experience their libidos and achieve and maintain erections for fulfilling sex, it is a completely absurd notion that a very high level of the hormone will cause men to run amok with an overpowering sexual urge. This very common myth possibly has its origins in the fact that testosterone therapy is often recommended for improving the sexual function in men. While, it is a fact that a low level of testosterone may result in men suffering from diminished sex drive and erectile dysfunction, boosting the hormone will not make a man a sex monster.

Drinking Green Tea Is Great for Boosting Testosterone Levels

There is no clinical evidence to support the theory that consumption of green tea results in elevating the level of testosterone. The myth has possibly become popular because green tea has a lot of antioxidants and is considered to be good for health. Studies carried out in male rats injected with green tea and also catechin, an antioxidant found in green tea, have in fact revealed a drastic reduction of testosterone levels. Further, green tea is rich in fluoride that has been proven to have a negative impact on testosterone production. Therefore, drinking copious amounts of green tea may actually result in the reduction not boosting testosterone.You can buy testosterone | testosterone boosters | legalsteroidshere.com.

The Liver Can Be Harmed with Testosterone Replacement Therapy

This theory dates back to the days when oral testosterone supplements were used. These supplements containing modified molecules to make them digestible caused liver enzymes to spike stressing out the organ. However, with the supplements now being available in the form of creams, gels, and injections, this concern is a thing of the past. Scientific studies are now pointing to the fact that a damaged liver may, in fact, be the cause of the testosterone dipping instead of the hormone being responsible for liver damage.

Testosterone Reduces Due to Cholesterol

While the jury may be out on the effects of cholesterol on cardiac health, there is no substance to the belief that it lowers the level of testosterone. The real truth is that testosterone is produced by the body from cholesterol itself in the testicles. A diet rich in fat and cholesterol is actually good for testosterone production.


The production of testosterone and the impact it has on the human body and its interrelation with multiple factors is a very complex subject. Rather than paying heed to myths and misconceptions, one should try to access credible information sources or consult a doctor to perform a reality check.


  1. Lol who wrote this article? It was very ill researched. Before you post an article on things like this do more than 5 mins of research.

  2. A little more research would have been a great idea! Here is a correction to your article. Green tea does NOT contain fluoride… It contains fluorine. Fluorine is a bioavailable form of fluoride that is not toxic, like fluoride. Fluorine doesn’t react the same way in the body as fluoride. Fluoride is not healthy to be consumed. Fluorine, on the other hand, is healthy and had numerous benefits.

  3. In this post, author mentioned some of the natural methods to boost the testosterone level; i want to suggest one think. Watermelon fruit is the best thing to boost the sex drive. Because it is acting as natural Viagra.

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