zika mosquito
zika mosquito

Jamaica Observer:-Health authorities say at least two pregnant women have contracted the mosquito borne Zika virus as the number of cases of people infected with the virus jumped to 28.

Chief Medical Officer, Dr. David Johnson, says there are no reported complications with the pregnant women and that to date they have identified a total of 28 confirmed case of the Zika virus.

But he says that although the cases are confirmed, it doesn’t mean those affected are sick at this time.

He says as for the pregnant women there is a complete team of medical personnel, specialists who are monitoring these individuals to ensure that they provide psychosocial support and all of the necessary investigation and monitoring by the experts.

“It’s not a one to one ratio that if you have Zika virus and you are pregnant that your baby will born with any sort of malformation,” he remarked.

Dominica confirmed its first case of the disease on March 15.