mental health suicide

(From Contributor Louvisca Alcide) Mental health is something that is not talked about as often as it should be. A lot of suicides occur because of mental health.  Most people believe that people suffering with mental illness are actually mad or crazy and that we the people of the public should stay away from them or be careful if they’re within close proximity.

I know many people from our very own little dot of an island St. Lucia who ended their life by suicide and they were not mad or crazy.  If these people had spoken to someone about whatever their problem was i think they would still be alive today or if anyone of us who knew these individuals  and thought they were behaving in a peculiar manner had extended a helping hand to them, or consult the right authorities to deal with them , they would still be alive today. Even in hollywood, I’ve learnt of many celebrity suicidal deaths over the past few months from people you would assume to have it all.

The bag designer Kate Spade recently ended her life and it was shocking that someone who we all perceived to be successful and talented still wasn’t content or wasn’t able to get over something in her life.  Another is Anthony Bourdain who had a show on the food network channel. He appeared happy , globetrotting to indulge in fine eating and wine drinking. Some would look at him and envy his lifestyle. He also was struggling internally ,  unhappy with his life and had issues he chose not to disclose.

Sometimes we think that success , friends or even family will get us to a happy place, but that’s not always true. We go through internal struggles .   Not all who are smiling or posting on social media are indeed happy. A smile does not necessarily account for happiness or translate into happiness.  We must make time to care for and about those around us and those we love, because even if we are not God, sometimes we are the key to whether someone is going to be there or not tomorrow. Sometimes our actions can change someone and may also save a life.

I beg, if you are feeling sad and lonely, don’t just stay there to drown in it. Instead, talk about it with a friend or family.   When you have problems you tend to think too much and get lost trying to figure out a way out of the mess you’re in . If it does not work in your favour u become agitated, angry, stressed and sometimes suicidal.  Don’t be afraid to open up. You may think that you are not loved, but ALWAYS remember that you are and by people you may not even know too. Remember God created you and that you are a blessing on his earth and that he put you there for a reason and living is one of them.

Be the color in somebody’s life. Inspire if you can. Touch somebody.  Be the driving force behind someone’s happiness or recovery.  Be a light instead of a dark shadow.