The President of the Saint Lucia Nurses Association, Alicia Baptiste, has responded in the aftermath of reports that the government, through a cabinet memo, had taken a course of action with regard to staff of Victoria Hospital.

“The Saint Lucia Nurses Association wants to say categorically that there is no truth to it. The association and its President did not receive any memo and neither was there a meeting with the PM with any group of nurses at Victoria Hospital,” Baptiste told St Lucia Times.

The Nurses Association President indicated that at the end of the day patients will suffer because the nurses who are affected by the scaremongering will have to care for those patients.

“Let us stop this – it is not right,” an obviously incensed Baptiste asserted.

She challenged anyone to produce a memo.

“If anyone is brave enough to present this memo via email with my name come now, I am ready to meet them,” Baptiste declared in an interview with St Lucia Times Tuesday.

Earlier, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet had issued a statement on his official Facebook page, asserting that there have been efforts by some to spread falsehoods about the health sector.

Chastanet assured all workers at Victoria Hospital no memo had gone out to the Ministry of Health, the Nurses Association or anyone and he reiterated that no jobs will be lost as a result of the transition to the Owen King EU Hospital (OKEUH).


  1. These UWPS telling so many lies we don’t know what to believe. Chastanet said customs will not be statutorize but there is a memo to this effect.

  2. You guys are so sick, even demented. You insist on saying that the false report is true even when those affected are saying the report is patently false. Try to restructure your thinking, your behavior, because you are losing it and may never regain your sanity.

  3. Mr. PM., we would like to believe you; should we? Please don’t temper with our health care personnel, we need them stress free in order to give us the best treatment when we are sick. People stop this malpractice; this is not good for the health sector!

  4. Those punks like Chris hunte is behind that fake clip t’s from a so called meeting with the president. Slp nasty dirty rotten sobs to the core.

  5. UWP LIE so much…Chastenet lies so much….Alicia you’re a snake and dangerous as a president because you’re serving your own agenda…you know damn well it is true. LIAR

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