Prominent Saint Lucian farmer, Cuthbert Phillips, has responded to the assertion by a Harvard University Professor that coconut oil is “poison”.

Phillips told St Lucia Times that the “powers that be” are seeking to destroy coconut oil.

In a speech at the prestigious American university,  Harvard Professor Dr Karin Michels warned against consuming the product.

Coconut oil is “one of the worst foods you can eat” and is “pure poison”, the Professor declared.

But Cuthbert Phillips has said that Michels should support the assertion with appropriate documentation based on thorough research.

“We have gone through this thing before,” Phillips told St Lucia Times.

A lot of these things are coming out to destroy some of these Islands as far as their produce is concerned,” Phillips, who is a coconut grower stated.

He said that as far as he knows, coconut oil is used internationally and the price is escalating almost on a daily basis.

“This is a vegetable type product and everybody is using it in soaps, creams – coconut oil is almost like gold.”

“If it is poison, come out with the facts,” Phillips declared.

A video of Professor Michels’ speech blasting coconut oil was posted in July and has more than 900,000 views on YouTube, it has been reported.

“I can only warn you urgently about coconut oil,” Michels has been quoted as saying. “This is one of the worst foods you can eat.”

According to a Sky News report, coconut oil has had its profile boosted in recent years by health food advocates who claim it is healthier than other forms of fat.

Some people even have a spoonful of it in their coffee or their smoothie because of the alleged health benefits, the news organisation said, adding that coconut oil has also replaced many oils used in cooking.

It quoted the British Heart Foundation (BHF) as saying that there is not enough good-quality research to provide a definitive answer as to whether coconut oil is better for you than other saturated fats.




  1. What is wrong with these imperialist professors, they are now saying that coconut oil is poison. They have an agenda behind this, they want us to stop using our products so that we can buy their products which are the real killers and poison.

  2. They should also note that the place with all the fast food chains is the place of poison. Of all things to research they chose coconut oil because it’s the lil island oil

  3. MONEY MONEY MONEY and more Money for Karin, it not our fault if we have this natural oil, which was there from creation, and you Karin, not even you can take our coconut oil from us; rubbish woman; what about the coconut water and jelly? the eating of a piece of dry coconut? Vanity all is vanity.

  4. Another piece of American Republican BS. Next thing they will say is that KFC and Big Macs are the healthiest foods to eat.

  5. Honey tonk woman – you really are a jackass!
    In the USA today all the run down neighbourhoods, the corrupt media houses and social media sites making billions and lying to us all day – are Democrat, liberal, socialist, communist run and owned.
    This Harvard prof is a joker but to shift the blame to Republican is part of your liberal Trump derangement.
    Trump had done more economically for black people in 2 yrs that the race baiting Obama did in 8. In fact Obama made us worst off.
    You really are a deluded fool.

    • Anon, clearly overdosed on FOXian themes. The bull about Trump Black economy has been revealed for what it is…a lie. Sanders have corrected herself on that. The BBC has the stats about it. Finally, what separates a “race baitee” from a White Nationlist? Ugh! Ugh! Total idiot!

  6. I got this on whatsapp and not surprised it was on BUSINESS Institute document. I may not leave to see it but one day the Asian, South American and Caribbean will be the main source of real and Natural medicines and all these Americans and Europeans will be making us the rich countries in the World. The Global Pharmaceutical Industry with all it recalls and side effect products is being threatened by the gift of remedy for all sicknesses from the Almighty God called “HERBS”. Yes! We do not find them in the USA and Europe. Hence they are trying their best. Another thing is that the SOYBEAN farmers in the US are bawling since their oil is not doing as good as the coconut oil.

  7. Once again the Corn oil, Canola oil and Soy hean oil industry is putting out their fake news because coconut oil is taking away their market sharr because their oils cause heart disease and coconut oil just makes us healthy!

  8. Hope that doctor knows poison every thing that black people doing these gentiles have a problem you should come to the Caribbean buy some that holy oil because you surely sick

  9. I was suffering from asthma since my childhood, induced by allergy, underweight, and had runny nose in cold weather. At age 34, a friend suggested to include virgin coconut oil on my daily food to boost body immune system, 3 months consumed VCO by daily basis, the frequency of asthma attakc start to reduced, thanks god no asthma attach for more than 10 years now, and also no runny nose coz of cold weather anymore.althought i did consume vco regularly for the last 6 year

    • Sorry the last line in my comment above, i means i did NOT consume vco regularly fot the last 6 years

  10. The west indies and the tropical areas on average the ppl look finer and healthier than ppl of havard and the rest of the US and they all grew up eating coconut products….so bel leh lesh!

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