The MP for Vieux Fort North,Moses ‘Musa’ Jn Baptiste, has called for a halt to work currently being carried out at the George Odlum National Stadium in Vieux Fort, where St Jude Hospital is currently located.

He said that the project represents a clear occupational health and safety hazard.

In a statement released to St Lucia Times,  Jn Baptiste urged that safer and more professional means be used to bring temporary relief to patients, medical staff and the public.

Jn Baptiste is the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) spokesperson for health.

He disclosed that the party has received many reports of health related incidents connected to the breakage of fiberglass material by contractors, who are currently working on the roof of the Stadium.

“Those reports have increased over the last two days with a medical doctor publicly confirming her own experience with exposure to the fiberglass particles emanating from the current work on the roof of the National Stadium. In addition, nurses and other staff of the hospital are also reporting negative reactions since the commencement of the work on the roof of the hospital,” the Vieux Fort North MP stated.

He said that the SLP is ‘alarmed’ that the United Workers Party (UWP) government allows the contractor to continue work on the roof, even after many daily reports are surfacing of the negative effects on the health of patients, visitors and staff.

“The Saint Lucia Labour Party is calling on the administration of the hospital and representatives of the workers to ensure that the work is stopped until adequate safeguards are taken to protect the well-being of the workers and patients,” he declared.

According to the SLP spokesperson on health, the government continues to show a callous disregard for the health and safety of  the people, while they try to achieve their ‘self-serving political agenda.’


  1. Instead of asking for a halt why not ask for a meeting to discuss how to make this job safer for both the environment and works at St. Judes, and also for persons working on the roof. The Opposition is always in a rage (hatred) when seeking something from the government. We want peace not anger.

      • `The bottom like is that the work must continue. I would rather get itchy from fibreglass for a couple of days than to know that it would be life or death at the stadium if a tropical storm hits. I am in total agreement with NT.

  2. An experienced and competent professional is needed for advise. But then guy does not wont any consultant nitpicking around and making sure things are done the correct way.

  3. Mr. Jean. Baptiste, is that what you really want, (STOP)? Sir there are ways and means to ask to continue or to stop a project already started, obviously you are off side, all you have to do is: check your legislation on matters pertaining to that matter. The media is not the way forward. Or are you trying to make publicity for yourself and your party? You politrickstions are playing in the people’s brains. The time has come for you all to put your heads together and work for the electorates. STOP THAT STUPIDNESS; THAt IS EVIL!

    • Totally agree. If whats the Drs and nurses are saying is true, Both Musa and I know the government will stop the work to re-examine the works. It’s is a case of Musa and the SLP know that the government will stop the work if it is indeed a hazard so in the end he will say that they were the ones who had the govt to stop the work. I am waiting to hear the SLPs announce the opening of St Jude Hospital in 2020.

  4. Moses why should anyone be surprise about those stupid and most damming suggestions from u And your party ,after all it was you and your party who put this country in Such a mess .All what we are doing is cleaning the mess this government inherited. Smh just no shame from those opposition guys.

  5. Mr Jn Baptiste should be more concerned about the conditions of the roads in his constituency like Vigie and Belville than making these senseless requests . He is a disgrace to the constituency

  6. The SLP should just shut up with regards to rhese matters……yourll promised a hospital via Alvina several times and never delivered….yourll a$$ was mute! Now all of a sudden, a past agriculture minister knows all what’s good for health….HYPOCRITES…..SLP, SLMDA etc……tired of url fools playing politics!

  7. Yes… stop… so another 5 yrs to go by n nuthing done…an d another and another…all u politicians are the same, liars,hypocrites, greedy,self absorbed ..we lucians tired of urll ….y u think every 5 yrs less ppl voting…

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