Healthcare workers and Clients in Soufriere and its environs can once again obtain public health services in a centralized location, according to the Ministry of Health and Wellness.

The Ministry says it has brought total closure to the displacement of Soufriere’s health and medical services.

Public health services under one roof were compromised at the Soufriere Hospital due to a fire on the 2nd of December 2017.

The blaze destroyed part of the facility.

Principal Nursing Officer at the Soufriere Hospital, Alicia Alexander,has said that she is extremely happy that the Soufriere Hospital is now back in full operation.

“Phase 1 move back to the hospital included the moving over of our PHC unit and that happened earlier in July. This was supposed to be followed by the moving of our phase 2 which includes our urgent care services which was being held at the Etangs wellness Centre on a 24hr basis These services have now been moved back to Soufriere Hospital and we are now in full operation,” Alexander told the Communications Unit of the Ministry of Health.

” Both staff and clients are really happy they are elated that we are now centrally located and under one roof and that our urgent care services are have now been returned to Soufriere Hospital.”

Alexander added that resumption to normalcy would not have been easy without the aid and collaboration of many.

The Principal Nursing Officer for Soufriere said that with the renovated facility, the Health team is more than ready to live up to the Ministry’s slogan which states, “Quality Health Care For Life.”


    • SLP could not give it in 5 years and $178.7 million spent when they initially was asking the PM King to complete it in 2 years. I guarantee that you will get it in 2020/ State of the Art, that is, for less the $178.7 million. What in the name of common sense that make you labours believe that you can neglect something for 5 years then come and make demands for it. That is so stupid.

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