‘Heartbreaking!’ Pierre Reacts After Fatal Castries Shooting

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Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre has described as ‘heartbreaking’, Friday night’s shooting death of Travis Lionel at Morne du Don, Castries.

“Again heartbreaking. Not the best situation for us to be in,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, told reporters on Monday.

“The police force has assured me that they are trying their best, but not to make excuses that seems to be a trend in the entire region – in the entire world,” the Castries East MP observed.

“There seems to be a trend. Something is happening where people seem to be not able to resolve their conflicts without violence,” Pierre stated.

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He noted the need for a change in attitudes and for people to feel better about each other.

And the Saint Lucia Prime Minister spoke of dissent and outright lies being perpetuated in the country at this time.

Pierre called on people who do it to ‘please stop’ without going into details.

“We are living in a world where there is a global crisis. Do not instigate people to behave in ways that you know they should not behave – behave in ways that will not improve the situation. We can do literally nothing to change what is happening in Ukraine and Russia. No one can do anything,” he declared.

In addition, Pierre disclosed plans for a multi-stakeholder consultation to develop solutions.

“We are going to make an announcement next week to invite everybody – all the stakeholders the trade unions, civil society. Let’s come together and let’s talk about your solutions. I am going to invite the opposition – your solution to inflation that is worldwide, your solution to the supply chain problems. Your solution to the war in Ukraine,” he explained.

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  1. I’ve just read that ST LUCIA is the 5th most beautiful Island in the Caribbean with DOMINICA, as the most beautiful Island in the Caribbean, I will not argue that decision. Ok let’s hold that thought for a moment, ST LUCIA, way, way above Barbados and Jamaica, considering they were the darlings’ of the West. ST LUCIA
    was so unknown. “People used too ask me, where is that?”

    ST LUCIA, makes the News with every homicide reported. When I was a child growing-up there, this was a rarity but, APATHY, DEPRIVATION, DISPARITY, POVERTY
    COLOUR DIFFERENCES, STATUS and COPERATE FAMILIES were very prevalent on the Island and unfortunately these are still abound on the Island. MURDERS, GUN VIOLENCE and other nasties are now the modern day poisons, which is just spoiling this BEAUTIFUL ISLAND on GOD’S EARTH.

    The LAWMAKERS have lost CONTROL. How do you explain to a grieving family about the unexpected death of their loved one?
    Why are there so many GUNS on the Island or other weapons of mass destruction?
    Has the Government of ST LUCIA ever carried-out an AMNESTY OF DANGEROUS WESPONS?
    Is the Government of ST LUCIA planning to conduct a consensus of the LIFE EXPECTANCY of every ST LUCIAN born in the 21 st Century due too unprecedented violence?
    How much time, money and resolutions will be allocated too combat and alleviate that pestilence amongst the CITIZENS of ST LUCIA?
    Does the Government of ST LUCIA think that we are proud, hearing and reading about ST LUCIA’S self destruction.? NOP!!!

  2. I hate to say – but as a St. Lucian who left St. Lucia decades ago – your solution to this problem is to bring in outside special forces independent of your police officers. The issue is St. Lucia is only 238 square miles and most folk are connected and know each other. People are worried for themselves and their families. The citizens and criminals know who the police are and where they live, their family etc.

    Therefore, outside intervention would be the best solution to solve these criminal issues. The criminals do not respect the police or government in St. Lucia – let the outside undercover forces render them ineffective and whatever else is required to create a more civil society. Remember St. Lucia needs tourism for their economy.

  3. My comments has gone to space,so I must move on with my father’s commands.
    Death entered the world as to one man,so shall it be on ⚖️ Judgement day by one man.
    ‼️ For it is written :
    Once to die, after is the the Judgement ⚖️.
    Now waiting for consolation for 🇱🇨 and 🇱🇨 ians.
    The Sprit of God is upon me and all those who keep his decrees :
    Because he has onointed me to proclaim good news and freedom for the enslaves (captives 🐍).
    “Souverign LORD, as you have promise, you now dismiss your servant in peace.
    For my eyes have seen your Salvation, which you have prepared in the sight of the nation,
    a light for REVELATION to the people and for glory to 🇱🇨 St-Lucia.
    Revealed by God’s word and move by the sprit.

    Coming up to them at that very moment, she gave thanks to GOD and spoke about the child (Jesus)to all who were looking forward to the Redemption of 🇱🇨 St-Lucia.
    👉”This child is destined to caused the FALLING and RISING of many in Israël/St-Lucia and to be a sign that will revealed. And a 🗡️ SWORD will pierce your own soul too”.‼️
    His winnowing FORK is in his hand to Clear his barn, but he will burn up to 🔥 with unquenchable 🔥….
    Jesus answered,It Says :
    Do not put your the LORD your GOD to the test. When the devil had finished all his tempting,he left him until an opportune time…

  4. My country bleeds, it is seriouly wounded literally. This injury was self inflicted over the many years of continued failure not develop and strengthen the independence of the institution of the Police by both governing political parties over the years.

    It is always easier to point fingers, blame others and throw our hands up in the air and say it is not my fault when we have the shoes of leadership on by politicians of all colours in St. Lucia.

    The many comments above are correct in all sense of the words uttered by our current Prime Minister. However, as citizens we have to look deep within and reflect on our individual decisions when casting our ballot to authorised these clueless men to fullfil leadership roles and govern our country. We also need to examine our own acceptability of excuses for petite crimes i.e lies, malice, corruption or so called white collar crimes because it is our party, friend or family who is guilty of these activities. or the so call bright idea to negoiate with the few criminals to acheive power and political influence. It is that tolerance that has encouraged and enbolden the few criminals within society to reck the havoc we are now experiencing buckle up fellow citizens it will get severly worse before any improvements.

    When for political power we undermine the very institution that we fail to equiped with the skills and tools but to put their very lives at risk to fight crime. This undermining is not only with most recent impacs situation but the failure by every political party that has governed S. Lucia yes both Yellow and Red fail to invest and respect the police to provide them the appropriate tools, training, support and not just vehicles to be proactive and one step ahead in the fight against crime. That is because that suited our politicians as an independent apolitical institution would investigate every crime without fear. We are paying the price that under investment which enable opportunist to join the organization and I dare say even some criminal elements infiltrate.!
    The solution will not come over night or even short term this is a long term project that requires all politicians to grow up and put on big boys pants and realize crime affects us lla nd therefore must never be politize and start strategically investing in develop and ensuring the Police Force is an independent non political institution that will fight crime without fear and favor of anyone in society regardless of the enrichments. Secondly we must invest in developing the Judicial institution within the country so there can be effective in execution of it role with out the excessive delays of a petite criminal in on remand for five years or penal system has more remands lock ups then actual convicted criminals. Justice delayed is justice denie! Mr Prime Minister this is your starting point.

  5. I have read all of the comments, some with A+, A and b+, but one usually making a paid jackass of himself. The one thing I was looking for but couln’t find it: where was God in the equation? the thing is out of control – you can’t put the Genie back into the bottle – it takes a miracle and your magic wont work, it was your black magic, the International Witches brought here by a prominent persons wife, your Haitian friends, etc etc that whole Country better find God and find Him in a desperate hurry, or else the evil will not only your Souls, your government, your freedom, Marketing, your Churches even; you can’t keep playing with obeah and expect God’s blessings: the sooner you find the ‘Almighty through His begotten Son Jesus the Christ and the Holy Spirit’ the better for all.

  6. “Your solution to the war in Ukraine” Is everything a joke to this guy? This problem is manifesting bc of years of failure by both parties and this is the end result

  7. Only good comments here is from Andrew Maglore, Most Honourable Lucian Highgrade.

    So far the other comments here lack objectivity. What is wrong with stakeholder engagement? I

    Aren’t we all part of the solution? Why shouldn’t the government engage civil society ?

    Most of you commenting here would rather see the government fail than to see crime mitigated.

    I guess it’s all party politics.

      • They both add value in my opinion. Constructive criticism is always welcomed and that is my point really.

        Make solid criticisms not baseless ones.

      • Undoubtedly i think high-grade is a political hack. But I do agree with him that this government is doing far better.

        If you are objective I think you will agree. Since my last comment I’m of the opinion that a few others have brought good perspective.

        Crime was not a talking point for the last government nor did they take any proactive approaches.

        Like others have rightly pointed out both administrations throughout the years have contributed to the situation that we have found ourselves in.

        But the Highgrade individual though a hack in my view is correct on the aforementioned point.
        @top…I may truly be small minded.
        Bless up

      • Ok man I get you I truly believe he works for SLP though. I respect your honesty bro thanks 👊🏻

  8. Reading this news brief, all I can say is the people perish for lack of leadership…

    But honestly, I am really upset reading this. One wonders if this is the leader of our nation speaking. I thought of being very critical in my missive of the PM but I must admit, the PM has done that job for me…his words and actions are a diatribe against himself…now that is brilliance itself to be able to implicate one’s self by one’s own words and consequently, inaction. ……Failed, ineffective, clueless.

  9. Did Philip just say he wants to hear our solutions to the war in Ukraine? Is he going to stop the war in Ukraine. Lol
    Anyway Mr. Pierre here are my suggestions to the war if you have that enough influence in the world.
    1) Ask NATO to remove the sanctions on Russia because this is the biggest contributor to the rising cost of Fuel and the inflation.
    2) Ask Zelensky to give up the territories that Russia wants or the ones that they have no chance of winning to avoid innocent people dying further.

  10. Pierre has appeared without any lies – finally. Pierre, your former boss explained it on the show “Anou Kazai.” You cannot eliminate crimes but you can bring it to an acceptable level – in other words you can mitigate it. The controls which worked ten years ago might be expired today. The criminals of today are smarter than the criminals of ten years ago. You cannot continue to hire the same level of police ten years ago for today’s job. You need to implement Due Deligence in your hiring process. Due care is as equal. The controls of today cannot be temporary. It must serve and continue to be effective even after you have left office. Garcon, you need to put your act together – implement some controls to mitigate crimes and this should have started yesterday

  11. When you use people, lie and cheat to get in power this is the end result. Never use people and then kick them aside after they put themselves on the line for you and then forget them in favor of lazy, entitled leeches. You go to church so you know God does not like ugly and your failing government is the karma you deserve for screwing good people over. Disappointed in you!

  12. On the contrary, you have done everything to fuel crime. The jobs you have stopped could have help curb the crime. The stoppage of all the sporting facilities started by the last administration could have kept the youth positively engaged, and curb crime. Having a bully and suspect money launderer or drug baron in government encourages criminals. So there is much you can do. GO GET THE INFORMATION FROM THE FBI/CIA about you cabinet minister to start with.

  13. What’s heart break when you are clueless of how to formulate a formula to tackle crime. Also do you have the forensic resources to first start with. All we hear is sorry. My deepest condolences or sympathy. Nothing more. Fire the entire force they ar all a bunch of two headed snakes and earth worms who are collect tax player money andown 3-4 minibuses, taxi’s, bmws etc. Those police you have paying is just using the force for protection and they enjoy proxy heafty pay ch cks from numerous sources. When that officer came out and said they have a perfect track record investing their own.. boy I laughed I still laugh when I remember it

  14. Well he now realize that the ideas he had has been tried, tested and FAILED, so he needs civil society help to get other ideas. Why civil society? Apart from the white and blue collar crimes that are committed by those in civil society, the murders are committed by uncivilized society. Should they not be the ones that he should call on. I think they have the solution. Not like Richard’s peace treaty, with all those who signed now resting in peace in the cemetery except him and Angel.

  15. funny how someone when not in power, blames the then government for crime, promises reduction or cessation, then when in power, asks those who put him there, to now come up with the ideas that he supposedly already had.

  16. Get real Mr. Prime Minister. The Russia/Ukraine conflict has nothing to do with our crime levels which have been unrealistically high for quite some time. The call for a change in attitude and for people to feel better about each other is a positive sounding note, but, the example shown by our political leaders to each other reflects poorly on the quality of leadership in the country. The Police are in no position to stop crime as they are graduates of the very education system which produces our criminals. Our children must be trained to be good citizens (at home and schools); the politicians must cease disparaging each other in public and our radio and television programmes must be more instructive.

    • Justina…I see you are still eloquent and verbal, Andrew. I’ve made my contribution and remembering, my humble beginnings, I agree with your comments. Justina who once lived on CHISEL STREET.

  17. The prime minister wants everyone to come together and figure out solutions. This man wants to be a project manager not a prime minister. He is trying to place the burden of governing the country on everyday citizens, we’ll if that’s the case give us a portion of your salary and all the perks you enjoy as prime minister. Pierre for gods sake grow a back bone and lead man or all the stakeholders, civil society and trade unions will come together to vote you out!

  18. Basically what he is saying is we lied to the St Lucian people to get in power when we knew for a fact we never had any solutions for what we were criticizing the former government for.. voila

  19. “Your solutions?!!” We didn’t vote for stakeholders and unions, nor civil society or the opposition!! We voted for YOU Philip J Pierre. You told us YOU wanted to be Prime Minister and YOU could do better than what was there! NOW DO IT OR GET OUT!!

    • …he is doing FAR BETTER than what was there. How many times have you hear him address CRIME ?? He never swept it under the rug. Ask you Yellow Johncrow PM can he say the word Crime Pleaassse. Watch next time I see him in public…..I am going to shout him and ask why is silence is so deafening on the matter….he like to pass himself in carnival for photo ops to say he is with the “common man,” I waiting for him.


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