Heat Alert – Saint Lucians Urged To Protect Themselves

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Higher than normal temperatures over the past few weeks have prompted Saint Lucia’s Chief Medical Officer (CMO), Dr. Sharon Belmar-George, to urge people to take measures to reduce possible heat-related illnesses.

The CMO noted that one of the effects of heat is dehydration.

As a result, Belmar-George told St Lucia Times it was important for individuals to increase the amount of non-alcoholic fluid they drink.

“Water is the best fluid to take in,” she explained.

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“You don’t wait until you are thirsty. But you consume water regularly throughout the day. Water is better than sweet drinks, better than alcoholic drinks,” Belmar-George stated.

“It’s also important that you stay indoors as much as possible in a well-ventilated area and avoid especially the ten to two O’clock heat which can also affect your skin,” the CMO advised.

“If you are going out during that period you are advised to either use a hat which will help to keep the direct sunlight away, sunglasses and if you could use a broad spectrum UVA, UVB on your skin,” the CMO told St Lucia Times.

In addition, she advised wearing light colours and loose-fitting clothing.

At the same time, Belmar-George said it was important not to leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle since heat can accumulate.

And she indicated that the elderly and people with chronic diseases are a source of concern amid the current high temperatures.

According to Belmar-George, people at the highest risk of heat-related illnesses include infants and young children.

They also include people older than 65, patients with mental illness, people who are physically ill, those with chronic diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, and people with heart disease.

The CMO said it was important to ensure that such individuals are well-hydrated and kept cool.

“We need to reduce dehydration. We need to reduce the possibility of fainting and dizziness, especially at our schools. We know some of our schools are not as ventilated as they should be,” she stated.

In this regard, she suggested that schools ensure that children are well hydrated, monitor the youngsters, and keep them out of direct sunlight during high-temperature periods.

Headline photo courtesy Nathan Dumlao (Unsplash.com)

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  2. Apart from dehydration, we have heat stress, heat stroke and heat exhaustion. We lose a lot of salt when we sweat, which must be replaced. Some symptoms of heat related illnesses as those mentioned above include, nausea and weakness among others .H2O is it !

  3. ok cmo water is better than alcoholic drinks..then tell that to the alcoholics…..hmm!! too much heat inna d place…mi need a man fi cool me down

  4. I don’t understand why the met office do not advice people and telling them of high sun rays and wear protective clothing. The met office reports need some upgrades.
    They only advised when it is bad weather but do tell us what to expect when the sun rays are extremly high too especially these couple of months. For the past weeks we have reached 32°Celsius and at one point I observed it was 33° C. Yesterday it was 32°C which is very high.

    • Why wait for the Met Office to advise of extreme heat? You have a smart phone, I am sure!! Just download a weather app for your location. – and all will be revealed.
      Some people are just plain dumb and lazy ….

  5. Thanks CMO for the alert.and for urging people to take measures to reduce possible heat-related illnesses. Yes, HIGHER THAN NORMAL TEMPERATURES HAVE BLANKETED SAINT LUCIA NOW FOR THE PAST FEW WEEKS, yet it’s only now that someone in authority has come forward to alert the public of the real dangers so many Lucians are up against in this dreadful heat wave! Everyone from the PM, to the Ministers, to the Directors, Managers, etc., should have been on the alert on behalf of the welfare of their workers and general citizenry! Then again, how many of our leaders sincerely or truly care for the wellbeing of the people?

  6. @ George:- humbly answering – nothing better than ‘Coconut water with just a little drop of white Rum in it’ even better still ‘ice cool Morby’ I must say of all my visits I asked for it and didn’t find any. Be wise now, listen to the CMO she knows best, but the Lord God knows even better – booze alone is not the answer.

  7. Don’t worry, the wind will be back from the east on Friday and we will get relief from the heat. Tropical Storm Earl which is north of us has caused a temporary change to the wind direction.

  8. If water is the best for dehydration, why do they administer other more expensive fluids at hospitals to patients? Is water better than coconut water, for example? Humbly asking


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