Heineken Saint Lucia Warns “We’re Still Not Out Of This Global Supply Chain Crisis”

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As the world continues to navigate catastrophic supply chain disruptions, closer to home, local manufacturer Heineken Saint Lucia Ltd warns that small island developing states like Saint Lucia may continue to be disadvantaged much longer than anticipated.

Shipping delays, bottle shortages, procurement challenges and logistic nightmares, are merely some of obstacles that the company and other industry players have had to endure since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fast forward to 2022, procurement hurdles continue to mount, severely impacting the business’ ability to meet full demand of the market.

Supply Chain Manager of Heineken Saint Lucia Ezra Bernard is recently quoted saying “This scenario is not unique to our country, nor to the manufacturing sector. We have been faced with countless disruptions in the shipping industry, alongside shortages of CO2, sugar, containers, and other products vital to our manufacturing process.

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“Notwithstanding, we have been finding ways to navigate this supply chain crisis, combined with the ongoing (impact of COVID-19) health crisis. Despite some improvements, we expect to be impacted by these challenges for the foreseeable future,” Bernard went on.

In November 2021, the company responded aggressively by launching an island wide bottle blitz aimed at increasing the collection of returnable glass bottles (RGB) of its product portfolio.

“We have had to revisit and reconsider the packaging of our products and innovate in some instances. We pivoted by intensifying collection of RGBs by going into the communities and to the consumers as opposed to waiting for them to come to our warehouses. In keeping with our Brew A Better World ambition, we seek to maximize the circularity of our products, minimizing our collective carbon footprint. We ask our customers to also play their part by returning their bottles. This can help absorb the disruptions and result in more availability of their favourite beverages.” Bernard added further.

The company remains cognizant of the impact of the current global disruptions on consumers and customers and continues to find solutions to mitigate and best deliver.

Heineken Saint Lucia is prepared to work with all relevant stakeholders including the Government, Chamber of Commerce, Saint Lucia Manufacturing Association (SMA) to collectively find solutions for the market while ensuring business continuity amidst ongoing disruptions.

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  1. Just asking are those recycled bottles properly sanitized. Hope it’s not a case of mere water. Who knows who have drank from those bottles. That’s why I would rather use a glass than drink straight from the bottle

  2. Well Heineken I can do without your products. Your products are not a necessity and are not even healthy. I can stay without drinking soft drinks, beers etc. I will drink water and make local juice if your prices have to increase or commodities are in short supply. St Lucian we need to economize.

    • Your ignorance is showing! Bananas helped built this country farmer built their houses put food on their table sent their children to school and not just any schools universities all because of the banana industry. What did your Massa Allen Chastanet say to the farmers go and plant we have a market in France or was it Miami not one box was shipped there.

      • i dont have to prove anything to you, banana help built this country at the time bananas was green gold and thats it, farmers didnt have a choice cause at that time that was the only way they could build their homes, put food on the table and send their children to school and further universities in their hope their children can make a better future for themselves instead of becoming banana farmers.

        to bad those in that board mistreated farmers and stole lots of money from them which some of them have yet to even receive after all those years. Before Allen Chastanet even had the idea of coming into politics the banana industry was already crumbled and lots of farmers had already left, the only ones that stayed were the ones that have nothing else to do, at least chastanet had a plan when he spoke about creating a market, Farmers dont have the taste to even provide quality standard fruit which is what the market is asking, so if you dont provide that quality which is required how do you expect the fruit to sell in that market? or for that market to even continue buying from you in that regard? but enough of that, so if you dont mind me asking but what does your little Black boy PJP have? Oh Thats right, Eat more Green Fig. So do your self a favor turn around bend over and take green fig how you get it just like everything else he is giving

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