Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Hermangild Francis Accuses PM Of Failing To Show Leadership On Crime

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Former National Security Minister Hermangild Francis says Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s failure to show leadership on the issue of crime is a matter of grave national concern.

Addressing an opposition United Workers Party (UWP) news conference Thursday, Francis said Pierre’s failure undermines the collective resolve to overcome the country’s perennial crime situation.

The former Deputy Police Commissioner declared that the government seems satisfied with just blaming the police. He said he was obligated to speak because there are too many blunders at the policy level.

Expressing his deepest sympathy to families grieving over the death of loved ones who perished due to gun violence, Francis called on the government to take several measures to deal with the crime situation.

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They included establishing a national forum for society leaders to work together to overcome the crime ‘crisis’, mobilising additional help from friendly governments to train, arm, and equip the police, and sending a more decisive message to criminals.

He also urged a continuation of the CCTV programme started by the UWP to give Islandwide coverage in areas where crime is very prevalent.

However, in advocating outside help for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), the former Minister warned the Philip J. Pierre administration that it must be very cautious about navigating the international controversy between Russia and Ukraine.

“ Now is not the time to make risky international diplomacy blunders. Allowing Russians to apply to our CIP Programme while the rest of our Caribbean neighbours are doing the opposite may well alienate some of the international allies we need in this important fight,” Francis told the UWP news conference.

The former Minister nevertheless acknowledged that no one measure or person or political party could do it alone regarding crime.

“The government must therefore galvanise the abundance of human talent and interests that prevail throughout our society. It must form a strong coalition between churches, trade unions, civil society groups, community leaders and members of the public. This is our country and we must do everything we can to save it,” Francis stated.

Headline photo: Hermangild Francis (Stock image)

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  1. O i am Slp From Birth .Honestly Speaking Notbing Havd been done in St.Lucia to address The Crime Shituation .If you carry out a Survey From 1989 to 2022 one will Discover ths Percentage ox Unsolved Murders its a Disgrace .Really Shit

  2. Politicians are the problem in this country. They facilitate all the things happening. They prey on the poor to get into power and can never solve the issues which there promised to address.

    The police are not solving crimes because they are only investigating each other. Fighting each other for promotion and police p**say. And it starts at the highest level. Some resources are provided by the government and guess what all the good stuff stays in Castries and all the garbage goes to the south. So crime fighting is not a national effort. The managers of the force should retire NOW.

    • Spot on. Those politicians have no shame because the populace is stupid and is easily bought with chicken and rum. They’re like the chickens that run around the yard. Attention span measured in seconds. The same criminals they turn a blind eye to are those robbing and killing them.

  3. Francis you promised to fix the police force now you talking crap . Under you leadership and uwp crime was already out of control so what’s your point..

  4. man you have the balls to even talk this by out if your mouth. You talk so much dodo your eyes are turning brown. You were there and did nothing. Now you are talking. Smh.

  5. This is the problem with our people..the maypwee st.lucians the hatred with have to each other we are crumbling..stop the red and yellow division.. if some of you all speaking the truth there is more lawlessness in st.lucia under the pjp administration..the ship is SINKING

  6. The wives batterer has the heart to talk this shate. He forgot the crimes he committed against the wives he had. Shame on you Hermangild.

  7. Did you, Allen Chastenet and Milton Desir showed any leadership with the highest and second highest homicide in a year. Have you forgotten those records.

  8. Ah, the “francis brothers” again… my brother, like @russia said, you are worst than LaCorbinere. No talk, No action. Now desir on the other hand, he can talk, but he spends too much time at “chastanets’ hotel” than putting his words into action.

  9. SLT, thanks for starting a “Joke of the Week” feature. I always knew you had a sense of humor.

    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  10. I’m not affiliated to any political party but I think this former minister of Justice and national security need to hang his boots. Honestly, you guys think Lucians are dumb and blind. You failed big time and all of a sudden you ready to point fingers.
    Some of your statements made sense but where the fcku we’re you for the last five years. Worst Mini-Star for National Security You. Second goes to LaCobbs.

  11. U were there and u didn’t do anything. U are the worst national security minister in the history of st lucia passing la corbinere. U did nothing. Within 8 months u have all the ideas. U spent 5 years and u were clueless. Hermangild go to bell air and cool out. Leave politics alone

    • You’ll Lucians really stupid!
      Pjp is the worst minister of national security in our history. I taking Gill before mate. SMDH!

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