HIA Sky Cap Association Gets COVID-19 PPE

Press Release:- The Ministry of Tourism and the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority presented Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Sky Cap Operators at the Hewanorra International Airport on Sunday July 26. 

The association comprises fifteen (15) Operators who are on the frontline assisting passengers daily with luggage needs.

Knowing the risk associated with COVID-19, no efforts are being speared in mitigating the possible spread of the virus into local communities. 

Rondel Charlery, Public Relations Officer at the Saint Lucia Tourism Authority addressed members of the HIA Sky Cap Association just ahead of the scheduled flight that reintroduced British Airways to the island.

“We recognize your efforts as frontline personnel and want to ensure that you and your families are protected from covid-19. We anticipate that the masks, gloves and hand sanitizers presented to you, will aid in keeping you and Saint Lucia safe.”

President of the HIA Sky Cap Association, Morrisson Raveneau was on hand to receive the donation along with members of the Association.

“We thank the Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Health and our Super Woman- Dr. Belmar-George for a job well done. We will make full use of the PPE to protect ourselves, the visitors and Saint Lucia in general.” 

The Sky Caps were also gifted with branded Saint Lucia caps as they too are tourism ambassadors for the island. 

The Ministry of Health and Wellness in conjunction with the Ministry of Tourism continues to ensure that the Safety of visitors and local communities remain paramount during the continued responsible phased reopening of the tourism sector.   


  1. i have aquestion about these sky cap gentlemen who help carry luggage for guests.
    Do these men work for the airport or do they work for their own organisation?
    the reason i ask this is who are paying these guys a salary and if you as a guest require help from them do you have to pay them? i know its customary that you can leave a tip or something small but i have noticed these guys actually wait for money from the guests like it is owed to them.
    i have also noticed

  2. No, we don’t receive a salary from the airport or from anyone we are a registered Association working under the guidelines of SLASPA we are the ones who pay SLASPA on a monthly basis.

    • ok Morrison Raveneau so then where does your salary come from on a monthly basis if no one pays yall. Are you saying you guys get paid from the tips from guests whom you help carry luggage and is it a must that people give yall money to carry the bags? i am not hating or anything i just wanted to get a clear understanding on how this works cause i was curious about it for some time now.

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