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Updated on June 1, 2020 2:24 am
Updated on June 1, 2020 2:24 am
Updated on June 1, 2020 2:24 am

Hilaire Accused Of Spreading Lies About Management Of CCC Money

Press Release:- The Office of the Mayor is very perturbed at the reckless tactics of the Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire and remains very concerned about the insinuations regarding the management of funds belonging to the Castries Constituency Council.

 During a town hall meeting on Tuesday August 13, 2019, Mr. Hilaire alleged that when the SLP lost the elections in June 2016, there was over $6 million in savings in the banks of Saint Lucia. 

Based on the findings of the new council upon assuming office, that information is categorically false.

In addition, Mr. Hilaire has made a number of claims which are completely untrue and equally misleading.

 In order to protect the impeccable image of the CCC and its hardworking staff and to rebuff Hilaire’s politically motivated agenda the Office of the Mayor wishes to state the following facts: 

  1.  The Office of the Mayor and Castries Constituency Council adheres to the rules of the Finance Administration Act of Saint Lucia and the principles of accountability and good governance, in the award of ALL Contracts for Capital Projects under our preview.

2.  On the issue of the Castries Market Redevelopment Project, it is disheartening that Mr. Hilaire and his Opposition Comrades continue to be against the Government plans to improve the conditions for and profession of our market vendors.  Although the Office of the Mayor and CCC are not responsible for the execution of this project, we welcome the initiative and will continue to play our part in representing the vendors of Saint Lucia who were failed by the SLP for so many years. We wish to salute the contractor who was selected in keeping with law and continues to execute a top quality project. Our mission is clear; we are getting the job done for the people especially our dedicated market vendors.

Again Mr. Hailire exposes the nakedness of his SLP, with his latest attack on the City Parking Terminals Project. His recent comments provide further evidence of their lacking vision and “river-side” approach to development of the nation`s Capital City. We are proud of the Parking Terminals Project and how it fits into the border plan of making Castries a modern, green and visitor friendly city. This project is well-advanced!!

  1.  As a Sitting Member of the Parliament it is disheartening and unprofessional for Mr. Hilaire to publicly demand information on the salaries of state workers when he has unimpeded access to that information through the Parliament Office. Notwithstanding, the Office of the Mayor and CCC wishes to assure the citizens of Saint Lucia that our Wage Bill is far less than it was, at the last time the SLP Government manage the monies of this country. The records are available and do not lie.

5. Questions were also levied by the Opposition MP as it relates to the sale of Council`s Shares in the Saint Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC). The truth remains that Council remains at major shareholder in the company with 15.50% of shares having sold ONLY 0.83% of its shares.

  1. The Official vehicle which was obtained for council is the property of the CCC. 

History speaks all too well of Mr. Hilaire`s tainted record with money and institution management during his controversial tenure as CEO of West Indies Cricket. Saint Lucians are reminded that West Indies Cricket loss over $14 million in legal payouts, due primarily to Ernest Hilaire`s failure to adhere to basic principles of natural justice and blatantly ignoring the law.

 Additionally, Mr. Hilaire is yet to account for monies to fund Saint Lucia`s lost Diabetic Research Centre supposedly funded through his Office of CEO of CIP Saint Lucia by his dear comrade Mr. Juffali.

 The Office of the Mayor and Castries Constituency Council is very busy working hard to execute it`s important work programme for the people of Saint Lucia and as such will no longer be distracted in responding to the reckless and callous agenda of Mr. Ernest Hilaire.


  1. You see the written records speak for itself; transperancy is needed from both sides the accuser and the defender for we joe public to cast judgement. Where is the evidence make it available for public examination Mr Hilliare and Mr Mayor!
    That is the failure across our politics in St. Lucia as we seek power when in opposition and when office on both sides. He who shouts the loudest, and succeed in being heard or believed regardless the actual contrary the evidence takes home the bacon for the next five years.
    We Joe public of Fair Helen of the west careless a damm about the true either way.

    • So you expect the information about salaries to be on the internet? If you want information you go down to the CCC. As far as I am concerned you are trying to shout louder the two. Why do governments publish estimates and accounts? Is it just for you to say that you don’t believe them?

      • Couldn’t have said it any better Boyblue. Part of these politicians lexicon is to deflect and confuse while not answering to the questions at hand. Those who defend these practices are part and parcel of the problem. They do not want to know the truth so these politicians practice forms of deceit, passing the buck and confusion to a public that gobbles everything thrown at them, instead of finding the truth for themselves. This article is a typical example of this. None of the questions asked were fully answered. The answers given were text book deflection strategies used by politicians when they need to confuse the public. As brother Bob said in one of his songs: we are so ignorant that every time they can fool us through political strategy”. We need answers from these politicians and not confusing statements that allows for comments like Garlans on this board. If it’s a government job then the data should be made public for its the taxpayers who pay their salaries. Data is always King. Talk is cheap. Always remember government is our servant…. they serve the people.

  2. Ernest Hilaire or He Lie is too controversial and doing nothing NADA to better us in Castries South only looking for trouble but talk is cheal….we ready for him…. time for Change Jason is our Man from Faux a Chaux all up to Cicieron and bakround Ernest lying dayz are numbered…….we want Jason Hullongseed……real ghetto boy with us from brith………from the same girls on the block Mr Hilaire aka He Lie

  3. The press release is on point
    y’all should of ask him for the million dollars that disappear from ccc when his government was in control and ask him for the report on RF that Kenny have hiding….

  4. Mr Francis is the only person who has made me understand what ‘mayor’ is all about. He is taking care of the city and has done a great job. To hell with de opposition n wat they are saying. Great job mr mayor…..keep it up.

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