Thursday, October 6, 2022

Hilaire Accuses Government Of Attempting To Rewrite Election Convention

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Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, asserting that the current Saint Lucia government is in its final days, has accused the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) of attempting to rewrite this country’s election convention.

Hilaire spoke during this week’s Townhall Tuesday with Maundy Lewis.

The programme is aired on Choice Television.

Hilaire explained that for the average Saint Lucian, elections would be within five years of the last polls.

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Saint Lucians last went to the polls on June 6, 2016.

And the UWP won that election by a margin of 11 to 6.

“We expect governments to last five years since the last election,”  Hilaire declared.

But he asserted that the government is attempting to rewrite the convention by saying it’s since the first sitting of parliament.

However, Hilaire expressed the view that most people don’t know when the first sitting was.

“But everyone remembers when the last elections were,” he said.

“Now they’re saying it’s not the first sitting anymore – we have an additional three months for us to call the elections,” Hilaire said.

Nevertheless, he indicated that people have a democratic right to vote.

And Hilaire observed that the country is facing major challenges, including the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“We need a reset,” he declared.

Hilaire indicated that people should be given an opportunity at the soonest to  vote.

He noted in that way, they can decide whether they want the status quo to continue.

Hilaire also explained that they could ‘reset the button’ to see if the issues they face can be addressed in a sustainable and meaningful way.

He said if the government believes it has been doing so well and working in the interest of the people, then they should call the elections.

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